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Agent VIII

I was at the canteen enjoying my plate of pounded yam and egusi soup, garnished with lots of fried chicken. My favourite dish, i don’t mind having it everyday. Provided its prepared by an experienced hand.
Just then my digital wrist watch gave a beep, our organization symbol showed on the screen. D–n! It my attention was needed, i hate being interrupted when eating, but i had no option. Welcome to agents’ world. I abandoned my food, footed the bills, got into my car and drove off.
It was a 15minutes ride but it took a pro like me 10 minutes to arrive NIA tower.

I am agent VIII a super agent in the national intelligence agency.
Lately the increasing rate of crime was making ground. Worst was the kidnap of the President’s daughter which automatically got the NIA team involved.

Vivian and i stepped out of the elevator. She was a colleague, more than that, a friend. Vivian was agent XIV. NIA had a total of twenty top agents. The number stands, albeit agents may be replaced.

“there is an urgent meeting in the conference room ” Vivian informed.
I nodded. We walked down the corridor and soon got in the confrence room.

Agent Arome frowned. “you are late!” he fired with his characteristic feminine voice. Really wonder how he scaled through training.

I was about replying, typical of him. He was faster “not time for excuses, just sit”

Vivian and i sat next to each other. The room was dimly light, you could hardly place other agents’ face.
Blue light from small rectangular devices were made to focus on a large screen. Agent Arome stood beside a table, tapping the stuffs on it, while we saw a its reflection on the screen.

“the VIP is held here…we’d approach from behind, some of us would go for other hostages, thats after the VIP is safe….operation mode is silent storm” he continued speaking as we did the listening.

I raised my ball pen, for an opportunity to ask question. Arome frowned, though he urged me on.
“sir, isn’t silence storm a little too risky for hostages?” i reasoned.

“the terrorist are well armed” he replied.

“but sir…”

“its an order!”

Arome was known for wanting things his way. No one dared argued. Silence storm meant sneaking in the enemies camp and destroying them. well, they could get mad and kill the hostages.

Twenty minutes drifted away, we were done laying strategies. Six NIA would be joining 105 SWAT team (special weapon and tactics team) for the operation. Operation time is 0945hours.

I wore a body hug shirt and slim combat trouser. I was ‘cleaning’ my gun when Vivian came by. Wearing a long face.

“whats with that ugly face?” i teased.

“the commander don’t seem to care much about hostages. Imagine, operation mode is silent storm”

“Arome is like that, what he want is prestige and honour.” came my reply.

Vivian tapped me on the shoulder. “we must exterminate the hostages, especially your sister”

“i’m doing this for her” i replied with a smile.
My sister was also kidnapped a week ago, i’m pretty sure she’s among the hostages. I would never forgive myself if i don’t rescue her and the president’s daughter who i have a crush on.

We heard the whirls of helicopters. Time to go! I tucked a .45 revolver under my waist. It was my best ‘companion’
we strode out, the SWAT team flooded the premises in their usual black uniform, heavy arms and dark googles.

Vivian and i took our walkie-talkie. And hopped into a helicopter. She too was clad in black slim fit wears. And a handglove i found sexy.
We took off from Abuja, heading to Borno state, where the terrorists camp was situated; in a forest actually.

At exactly 0905hours we arrived maiduguri airforce base. Agent Arome and the section chief in charge of Maiduguri went in for a tet-a-tet. Only God knows what those two discussed

Three armoured SUVs and a black hilux vehicle were on standby, we hopped in almost immediately our commander was done speaking with the section chief.
It was a long drive in the outskirts of the city. The city held a poor view, it was nothing less of a war ground. Those rascals really gave maiduguri a heavy blow.

We alighted from the vehicles at a 50km radius from the enemies camp.
The village…no hamlet was ruined and deserted, most of its inhabitants died in a massacre staged by the same terrorists sect.
The enemies’ camp was more of a castle. Making it more difficult to place where the hostages were.

Agent Arome slowly brought down his little telescope. The SWAT team were in a group of four. He used his hand to direct each group, they all moved stealthily, surrounding the castle.
He held a walkie-talkie close to his mouth. “Alpha 1, confirm position” the leader of the first group affirmed by raising his glove claded index finger.
“Alpha 2….” Arome’s voice trailed off when we heard a thud. A human figure wearing a sack mask fell from above. Vivian and i exchanged glances. I stepped forward, not fearfully but carefully.
I stooped low and took off the mask, behind it was a human skeleton. Interestingly, a small device fell from the sack. I took it, handing it to Arome.
He scurried the device for seconds, he clicked the ‘play’ option, realising it was a video message from the sect leader.
The man was young, his teeth were too brown for his age. “this is what would become of the president’s daughter if you don’t retreat”

“filthy båstard!” Arome cursed. He trampled over the device angrily.

“operation mode changed to blade storm. Relay to others” he implored.

Geez this dude want a bloody WWIII around here. WTF!!!
Suddenly the environment was filled with noises of gunshots and smells of burns. As our team engaged in fire combat with the sect army.
I withdrew my .45 revolver and started towards one of the building. Two sect armies stood at my way, i swiftly retrieved two knives from the sides of my trouser. My aim was never wrong, the knives drilled their hearts, pumping out a fountain of blood. I continued moving. Kicked a half dead sect soldier, brought down five and injured eight.

I finally got to the entrance of one of the buildings. Its wooden door was locked from within. I took some steps backward then kicked it hard, of course it opened.

The interior was faintly lite, i could hear muffled voices, i walked towards its direction. The single path opened into a big room, divided by iron nets. The hostages were imprisoned there. I walked past the first ‘cell’, the second and the third i failed to recognize any of the hostages.
I strode to the last cage, just then i heard someone call me by my real name.
It was Aisha the president’s daughter! She was in the fourth cage.

“Aisha!” i smiled running to her.

“halt!” a harsh voice commanded. It was then it dawned on me i’d fallen into a trap.
I was all surrounded by tens of the sect army.

“take him away” the leader voiced out. Uhmmm i was utterly helpless there was no way i could fight atleast twenty armed men.

“no ooo” i heard Aisha cry as i was taken away.

They lead me to a dark room.
Those rascals kept hitting me on the way.

“turn on the lights” a familiar voice commanded. Was my ears betraying me? Could it be Arome???

The lights were switched on, Arome sat on a big chair, my sister was on his lap, with a knife pointed to her throat.

“Arome what the heck are you doing with my sister?” i yelled.

he grinned devilishly. “lets just say payback. Who should i start with? You? Or her?”

i looked at Ojima, my kid sis, tears welled up her beautiful eyes. My heart pumped faster, i just couldn’t believe Arome was a double agent. Incredible for the position he held in NIA.

“if you lay a finger on her, i swear……”

“hahahaha” he laughed interruptedly and moved his hand to slit Ojima’s throat.
I tried getting up, the sect army held me down.
Just then a gunshot was heard.
I was scared, i couldn’t look up, Ojima was shot in cold blood. The innocent girl!
Blood dropped on my toe, i didn’t hear Arome speak, perhaps he regretted his action.
I rose my head to see one of the sect army pointing gun to the others, the same person shot Arome Ojima was save. There was a distraction in the room, i back flipped, kicking two soldiers in the process. A fight ensued between the sect army, i and the ‘betrayer’. We defeated some and took to our heels, i dragged Ojima along.

“thanks for the help. But who are you?” .

The sect soldier took off her barret, then completely removed the uniform.

“yeah. I’d always suspected that Arome. The kingpin is captured, vip and few hostages are safe.” she replied.