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“Okay, that’s alright.” Yan Rusheng lengthened his stride and walked deeper into his office. He made an ‘okay’ sign with his fingers and raised it up high.

That tone and expression; he was obviously trying to hide his unhappiness.

He was exuding a sort of coldness, and Wen Xinyi’s face was as white as a sheet.

She bit her lip and stepped back in fear. Her legs pressed against the walls of the office, and that’s when she knew there was nowhere else to run. She grabbed the ends of the table tightly with her hands, so hard that her veins were showing.

With every step of Yan Rusheng’s approach, Wen Xinyi felt the tense atmosphere in the air. It was suffocating.

“I… I didn’t mean to do it,” she stuttered with fear. “I’ll get you another fish tank, and another butter… butterfly fish.”

Her voice shook, just like how her body quivered.

Her eyes showed nothing but fear. As Yan Rusheng inched closer, her ashen cheeks flushed red.

Yan Rusheng was one step away from Wen Xinyi before he stopped in his tracks.

He stood rooted to the ground, his steely eyes fixated on her.

Although she was born into a noble family, Wen Xinyi faced Yan Rusheng as if he was a snow-capped mountain, so high up that she couldn’t conquer it.

She had to tilt her head upwards to meet his line of sight.

Wen Xinyi’s small frame shivered again, as Yan Rusheng fixed his gaze on her.

“Secretary Wen, please leave my office right now.”

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng’s voice rang above her head.

Wen Xinyi lifted her head and watched Yan Rusheng, her eyes glistening with tears. She looked as if she was about to cry.

She was unwilling to leave and was also feeling a little embarrassed.

Yan Rusheng ignored the scene under his nose, and repeated his words coldly, “Secretary Wen, please leave my office right now.”

He raised his pitch, scaring Wen Xinyi. She bit her lip and left, holding back her tears.

She’d been pampered since she was a child. This time, her crystal heart had definitely shattered.

Covering her mouth, she ran to the toilet in tears.

“Qiao Jian!” Yan Rusheng shouted while walking towards his office chair.

He couldn’t care less how Wen Xinyi left his office, or where she had gone. He just hoped that she would go home and never step into his office again.

That would save him a lot of mental stress.

“President.” Qiao Jian walked in, careful not to tread on Yan Rusheng’s nerves.

He scanned the surroundings and felt embarrassed.

Yan Rusheng flipped through the newspapers on his table, his head stayed low. “Get someone to come and clean this mess up.”

From his tone, Qiao Jian could tell that he wasn’t in a good mood.

“Yes,” Secretary Qiao answered, and left the room immediately.

“Wait.” Yan Rusheng stopped him in his tracks.

He straightened his back, eyes still fixed on the newspaper article in front of him. The heading was different, but the gist of the article looked similar.

Third Master Yan and his young lover, Secretary Wen.

Third Master Yan’s separation with his ex-lover.

They even reported the long-lived rumors about Wen Xuxu and him that they’d tried to hide.

His thick brows furrowed, and as he stared at the picture of Wen Xuxu’s palm on Ouyang Qingqing’s face, his heart ached.

Secretary Qiao held his breath and didn’t dare to say a word. He waited quietly for his big boss to say something.

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng looked up and sniggered.

He looked at Secretary Qiao and said, “Contact the producer stated here, I’d like to invest in a movie.”