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Huh? Wasn’t Flourish & Prosper in the electronics and property industry?

Is it expanding to the movie industry as well?

Yan Rusheng saw Qiao Jian standing there frozen in shock and he frowned with displeasure. “Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“Oh yes. I’ll do it right away, President.” Qiao Jian nodded and didn’t dare to dawdle any longer as he hurried away.

Soon, news of Flourish & Prosper venturing into the movie industry was everywhere—online, in newspapers, on television…

The news had spread but Yan Rusheng hadn’t given an official confirmation.

In the evening, Flourish & Prosper was swarming with reporters. The second he set foot outside, Yan Rusheng was surrounded by reporters like bees to honey.

“President Yan, I heard that Flourish & Prosper is entering the movie industry. Is this true?”

“President Yan, can you please let us know why the sudden interest in investing in a movie? Is it because of Miss Ouyang?”

There was a long pause…

The questions came one after the other just like a firing machine gun.

Yan Rusheng nodded graciously. “Yes, I’ve especially invested in this movie for Miss Ouyang. And I’ve hired the country’s most famous director and ‘action’ choreographer. It’s not convenient for me to reveal any concrete details regarding this movie right now, thank you.”

He finished his statement and smiled politely for the reporters’ cameras, bedazzling all the female reporters who were present.

The security team dispatched all their guards to block the reporters and secured a path for Yan Rusheng to leave.

The reporters continued to relentlessly take photos of Yan Rusheng’s poised and confident-looking back until he got into the car. The guards retreated and the reporters chased after his car for some distance before giving up.

“Pfft, haha…”

In the capital city, there was a bar called ‘The First Wealth’. It was filled with bright neon lights and the entire bar screamed extravagance and prosperity everywhere.

Two girls sat at an inconspicuous corner.

A short-haired girl dressed sexily and with heavy makeup was pressing her hands against her belly. She was laughing loudly without a care about her image at all.

Another girl sat opposite of her who seemed rather low-profile in comparison. She was wearing a sleeveless light blue dress with her hair tied in a ponytail. She seemed incompatible with the bar’s noisy ambiance.

She pressed her lips as she stared wordlessly at the girl who was laughing non-stop. “You’re so easily amused.”

She lowered her head to read the newspapers once again; she really couldn’t find anything hilarious about it.

Wasn’t it simply a movie investment by Flourish & Prosper? And Yan Rusheng had bought the script, so he’d be personally involved with making changes to the script.

“Oh dear, I can’t take it anymore.” Zhou Shuang was tearing up from laughing too hard and she tried to catch her breath. “This Yan Rusheng is too impressive! Altering the script himself to tailor-make a role for Ouyang Qingqing… And he even hired a famous action choreographer.”

After saying this, she guffawed once again. “The… the funniest thing is that the editor of this newspaper even added a quotation mark to the word ‘action’.”

Wen Xuxu scoffed with a loud ‘pfft’ when she heard her. But she hastily pressed her lips and smiled secretly.

In the photo, Yan Rusheng was smiling at the cameras. He had seemed gracious and polite but that pair of deep and quiet eyes had a smile which gave off a warning of hostility and danger.

Ouyang Qingqing didn’t know the real Yan Rusheng yet. She must have experienced the industry’s unspoken rules several times before barely managing to attain the tiny amount of success she had today. It seemed like she was destined for destruction soon.

This was the real Yan Rusheng; the cold, haughty and aloof facade wasn’t him. The real him… was a person who, if you offended him, would destroy everything that you have.

She had insulted and spread rumors about him publicly—she was obviously declaring that she was making light of him.