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Just like how Zhou Shuang was arrogantly ridiculing her.

“Do you think Yan Rusheng is seeking revenge on your behalf? Or is he doing this for himself?” Zhou Shuang’s laughter gradually died down as she held the colorful and vibrant cocktail in her hand. She lightly grazed the wine glass with her lips as she looked at Wen Xuxu with curiosity.

Wen Xuxu didn’t even give any thought to this question and simply rolled her eyes at her.

Nonsense. Yan Rusheng hates me so much, why would he seek revenge for me?

It was obvious that his own ‘manly pride’ had been insulted. He was merely defending his own ego.

Zhou Shuang frowned in suspicion. “But before this, didn’t he ditch this woman because she made you publicly massage her foot? Wasn’t he infuriated because it hit the headlines?”

Even though she was abroad, she still paid close attention to her home country’s news.

Wen Xuxu raised her eyebrows in an unconcerned manner. “And then? I didn’t even meet the young model he dated and didn’t he quickly ditch her too?”

Zhou Shuang hadn’t seen him that morning when he’d come to her place to look for her. She didn’t know that his expression was full of loathing, as if it was an utterly shameful and unbearable thing to be caught in a scandal with her.

Furthermore, a movie investment would cost at least tens of millions—Yan Rusheng would be insane to spend millions just to get even on her behalf.

“Hmm.” Zhou Shuang acknowledged her reasoning but she felt that something was amiss. She was still skeptical of Yan Rusheng and Xuxu’s relationship.

Ever since she transferred to their school and got to know their group of friends, she had felt this way.

She had always sensed that they didn’t really hate each other but she couldn’t find a shred of evidence at the same time.

A female singer with a neutral voice had finished singing a sentimental English song. She bowed deeply to the audience with her guitar on her back and left the stage.

Wen Xuxu and Zhou Shuang suddenly fell silent.

Their eyes wandered around the bar looking at all the people. Some were partying with alcohol, and others were drinking to drown their sorrows.

Xuxu felt bored, probably due to the fact that she couldn’t drink.

“Today is our tenth wedding anniversary and I’ll be singing a song for my wife. Ten years ago, I sang this song to woo her outside her university dorm. I would like to thank her for staying by my side these past ten years; through poverty or riches…”

A middle-aged man’s voice appeared from the stage as he expressed his heartfelt feelings. It attracted everyone’s attention.

A slightly plump guy wearing a blue striped shirt stood on the stage with a microphone. He was gazing at a corner with a blissful and contented smile on his face.

Xuxu followed his gaze and it led her to a lady in black. The bar was dimly lit so she couldn’t clearly make out her features. She could only see her holding a rose and had the same blissful smile on her face.

The lights changed color and the soft and slightly sorrowful melody began playing in the background.

It was a song that most were familiar with, ‘Love Letter’.

“It’s a pity love isn’t a few drops of tears, neither is it a few love letters. In that case, it would seem a little cruel…”

Xuxu was fully immersed as she listened to the song. When the song reached its climax, she couldn’t help but hum along.

The song ended and the wife went on stage to give the rose to her husband. There was a round of raucous applause and a few mischievous youths were whistling enthusiastically.

Xuxu’s soul seemed to have left her body and floated elsewhere.

“Xuxu, follow me.”

Suddenly, Zhou Shuang stretched her hand and grabbed Wen Xuxu’s arm. She started pulling her towards the stage.

Xuxu sensed what she was up to and immediately protested, “Zhou Shuang, stop fooling around.”