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Has she gone mad?

She didn’t want to go to that spot with all the limelight on her.

“I remember that you can sing very well. Come on, don’t be shy.” Zhou Shuang was determined to drag Wen Xuxu onstage so she could display her singing skills. She used all her strength to pull her.

When she saw that Xuxu was completely uncooperative, she raised her head and whistled to rally the support of the good-looking guys sitting at the tables nearby. “Handsome guys, my sister here has a really good voice. Do you want to hear her sing?”

She often patronized such places and was already a wily old fox in such situations.

Fighting and dating—she had done it all since she was in junior high school.

“Yes, we do!” The guys were all cooperative and whistled flirtatiously in response to Zhou Shuang. But their eyes were fixated on Xuxu.

With everyone looking at her, Wen Xuxu’s face was flushed from the crowd’s attention. She glared fiercely at Zhou Shuang.

This crazy woman. Being crazy alone wasn’t enough and now she was dragging her along.

Zhou Shuang took advantage of the opportunity and pulled her onstage.

Xuxu wasn’t someone who suffered from stage fright but she didn’t really like such places. She would have preferred to stay at home and read her elaborate romance novels.

Two pretty girls were onstage, heightening the excitement in the atmosphere. There were endless whistles and cheering directed at them.

“We should be having fun and going crazy at this age. Wen Xuxu, you’re already 25 this year, have you ever let loose before?”

Zhou Shuang wasn’t using the microphone yet. Her tone was serious yet regretful as she asked Wen Xuxu the question.

25 years old; she was actually already past the crazy and wild age. That age should be for 18 or 19-year-olds.

Had she ever let loose before?

Xuxu asked herself in her heart. Can I count that time as one?

“Come on, let everyone witness how charming you are.” Zhou Shuang removed the microphone from the stand and stuffed it in Wen Xuxu’s hands. “Just like how we partied and let loose at the karaoke before our college entrance exams. Tonight, we’re in charge of this stage.”

They hadn’t met in six years and she was still so obstinate and tenacious. But every time Xuxu was lost in thought, Zhou Shuang could always see an expression that didn’t belong to people of their age. It was as though she had gone through plenty of hardships in her life.

Every time she smiled, it wasn’t genuine. It gave people the feeling that she had deep-seated worries in her heart.

Xuxu lowered her head and stared at the microphone. Her tiny hands seemed a little pale under the purple lighting.

She took a deep breath and the crowd all fell silent at the same time.

“I’ll sing a song ‘I Do’ by Jewel.” Wen Xuxu grasped the microphone and brought it close to her mouth. Her sweet and pure voice made the audience feel as though they were drinking nature’s spring water. It relaxed their bodies and minds.

She finished her sentence and the sound system staff immediately found the song’s accompaniment.

The melody of the song began and Xuxu’s mouth curled lightly into a faint smile.

Her inner confidence didn’t need to be deliberately shown. Her expression in her eyes and smile were enough.

“We’ve been doing this war dance together for some time, I know…”

When Wen Xuxu started to sing, Zhou Shuang wasn’t in the least surprised to see that many faces in the crowd had looks of surprise and astonishment.

Xuxu had always been like this; she could always amaze others.

“Third Yan, isn’t that Wen Xuxu?”

A few men had just come out of the VIP area and were talking jovially as they walked.

The man walking in front had noticed the girl singing onstage. Startled, he halted his footsteps. Then he turned around to look at the man wearing a white shirt trailing behind him.

Yan Rusheng heard him and he immediately glanced in the direction Ming Ansheng had pointed at. Surprise flashed across in his eyes at first, followed by astonishment.

That gentle voice which carried a tinge of stubborness entered his ear. When he first listened, he couldn’t recognize it. After he savored the voice carefully, it suddenly seemed so familiar.