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For instance, Xuxu was brought by Zhou Shuang, the wealthy patron.

There was a marked difference between the VIP area and the common area outside. It further reinforced the ‘wealthy’ theme. The carpet was in a rich gray color and stepping on it felt like one was walking on fluffy clouds.

As they went deeper inside, the VIP area exuded an exceptional charm of a completely different world.

The individual private rooms had high-end and impressive-looking doors. Even the waiters walking along the corridors were attractive and possessed excellent figures.

Lu Yinan walked to a private room at the side and stopped.

“Young Master Lu.” The good-looking waiter smiled and greeted him with a nod. He opened the doors of the private room.

“Xuxu, come in.” Seemingly afraid that Wen Xuxu would escape, Lu Yinan grabbed her elbow and pulled her into the private room. Then as a formality, he said to Zhou Shuang, “Please enter.”

That instant when Xuxu was being dragged into the private room, she felt that she was being taken to a wolf’s lair.

The room was shrouded with smoke and it seemed to gleam with gold. It gave off the impression of an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.

Once she entered, she was caught off guard and fell towards the couch where a man was staring at her with a deep gaze. She was momentarily distracted and her body gave an involuntary shiver.

Yan Rusheng was leaning lazily on the couch as he looked in her direction. Everyone present came from prestigious and affluent families, yet he was the most outstanding and superior one of them all.

“Xuxu, Zhou Shuang, come over here and take a seat.” Ming Ansheng stood up, beckoning them with a wave as he warmly welcomed them.

Zhou Shuang wasn’t someone who paid attention to formalities. Even though they hadn’t met in six years, she behaved as though they had just hung out together yesterday.

“Xuxu, come.” She grabbed Wen Xuxu’s hand and pulled her towards the couch.

“Take a seat, what do you want to drink? I’ll get the waiter.”

Even though he was already engaged, Young Master Ming still preserved his usual gentlemanly character of taking care of beautiful ladies.

Once he stood up, the seat next to Yan Rusheng became empty. Zhou Shuang pulled Wen Xuxu and without much thought, she pressed her down to sit next to Yan Rusheng. Then she sat beside her.

Xuxu had showered before Zhou Shuang had dragged her out. She had washed her hair and her body was laced with the sweet scent of shower gel.

The fragrance entered Yan Rusheng’s nose and instantly his breathing became uncontrollably heavy.

His alluring peach-blossom-shaped eyes slowly glanced sideways. Wen Xuxu’s palm-sized face came into sight from the corner of his eyes.

Suddenly, a hand materialized in front of his eyes. The arm was right in his face and it blocked his view. It was particularly an eyesore.

He knitted his thick eyebrows unhappily and his eyes held a strong, murderous aura as he glared at the owner of the hand.

Young Master Lu didn’t notice him at all and his gaze flitted across him and landed on Xuxu. “Xuxu, we haven’t seen each other in ages, right? Tonight, will you drink a few glasses with your old classmates?”

He held a glass of red wine which had just arrived and he passed it to Xuxu.

Xuxu shook her head to turn him down. “Lu Yinan, you know that I get drunk after a glass.”

She can’t drink, and everyone was aware of this.

This fellow had offered her a glass of wine. He must want to make her tipsy on purpose and see her drunken antics.

Lu Yinan smiled and replied, “That time at Ah Heng’s farewell party in B City, didn’t you manage to hold your liquor well?”

Xuxu’s expression changed subtly and a mixture of complicated emotions swiftly flashed through her eyes.

At the mention of Jiang Zhuoheng’s farewell party, Lu Yinan suddenly recalled something. He looked at Xuxu and asked curiously, “Oh, I almost forgot. Where did you go after you got completely drunk that time? When we were about to leave, Ah Heng searched everywhere and he couldn’t find you.”