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Xuxu was stumped for words and then she gave a forced smile. “I… I went back to school alone.”

When she finished explaining, she grabbed a random glass of liquid and lowered her head to take a sip.

Cough cough—

She only realized that it was wine after the liquid had entered her mouth. By then it had already flowed down her throat, causing her to cough violently several times.

She placed the glass back on the table and pulled a few tissues to cover her mouth, coughing lightly a few more times.

A beam of faint purple light was cast on her small frame, enveloping her entirely. Her eyes were looking slightly downwards and her long curled eyelashes seemed to glow with a layer of gorgeous purple. They looked lovely and attractive, like gleaming butterfly wings.

Yan Rusheng’s gaze was firmly fixated on her tiny face. His thoughts traveled back to the night of Jiang Zhuoheng’s farewell. Their group of friends had been hanging out since they were kids, and they had brought their girlfriends along on that night. And of course… Jiayin.

Everyone was partying and enjoying themselves and they took turns to force each other’s girlfriends to drink. However, they were all aware that Wen Xuxu couldn’t hold her liquor at all. Furthermore, with Jiang Zhuoheng’s repeated warnings, no one dared to force her to drink.

Eventually, all the girls who were present ended up drunk.

She was the only one who sat at a corner, and unknown to the rest, she’d been drunk too.

I’ve loved a person for many years. From the first awakening of love until now, I made a bet with myself and gave up the opportunity to go overseas to further my studies. To take a gamble to see if he has me in his heart.

He recalled what Professor Zhou had told him and the expression in his eyes became thoughtful and serious.

That night, how exactly had she felt?

He came to a sudden realization—they were both remarkably alike in certain areas.

No, she seemed to be more obstinate than him. Even if she had felt pain to the point of being suffocated, she hadn’t yielded and begged him not to leave, nor did she admit defeat.

As for him, he clearly knew where that woman was and if he was willing to go to her, she would definitely return. But he couldn’t bring himself to take that step.

So Wen Xuxu was the winner in this aspect. Even though she didn’t yield, Jiang Zhuoheng still came back to her. He was as loyal and devoted to her as a pet dog and circled constantly around her.

That morning Jiang Zhuoheng had appeared in front of him wearing her floral apron with a spatula in his hand. To his surprise, he was slightly envious and jealous of him.

But he thought to himself, if Fang Jiayin were to return to him someday, would he be like Jiang Zhuoheng? Would he have donned an apron and entered the kitchen to cook for her?

The answer was no, he despised that type of man.

Then why was he envious and jealous?

He mulled over the question for a long time before he arrived at a conclusion.Wen Xuxu, you stupid woman, you have no right to be proud of yourself.

Third Master Yan’s logic and thoughts were exceptional indeed.

“I admire girls like Xuxu who aren’t pretentious at all.” Lu Yinan saw that Xuxu had choked and coughed, yet he didn’t shower her with concern. Instead, he spied an opportunity to tease her. “She doesn’t need any persuasion and drinks without any hesitation. She even drank from Third Yan’s glass.”

He was the only son of a family of famous and prestigious lawyers in the capital city. Even though he wasn’t a lawyer himself, he had definitely inherited his eloquence from his family genes.

He appeared to be decent and refined yet his mouth was more poisonous than a scorpion. His eloquence could even revive something that was dead.

He was bent on teasing Wen Xuxu and so he didn’t even give her a chance to open her mouth. “Third Yan has an obsession with cleanliness but he doesn’t mind sharing with you. Since you lived with him under the same roof when you were kids, feel free to use his glass.”

After teasing her, he raised the glass that Xuxu had just put back and passed it to her.

The drink she’d sipped on earlier wasn’t just wine, it was Yan Rusheng’s wine?

Wen Xuxu couldn’t believe what she’d heard. She lowered her eyes and stared at the glass which Lu Yinan was holding. She didn’t stretch her hand out to receive it.