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Yan Rusheng saw her staring at his glass with her eyebrows knitted tightly together. She looked utterly upset, making Young Master Yan feel that his self-esteem had been seriously wounded.

In his heart, he snorted coldly with contempt. He thought to himself, ‘I didn’t mind sharing the drink with you and yet you look upset and terrified.’

So he stretched his hand out to snatch the glass away. “Who says I don’t mind sharing with her?”

Next, there was a clattering sound and the glass had landed in the trash can.

Wen Xuxu pressed her lips together with an indifferent expression on her face. She had perfectly concealed the billowing emotions in her heart.

“Hey!” Lu Yinan was flabbergasted for a moment and hastily retracted his hand in the next moment.

He felt that Yan Rusheng had gone overboard.

It wasn’t just him, Zhou Shuang felt the same way too. She helped get a new glass for Wen Xuxu and poured some wine for her. “Don’t lower yourself to an egomaniac’s level.”

“Thanks.” Xuxu received the glass but then put it down again. She looked at Zhou Shuang and smiled. “I can’t drink. If I drink, you’ll need to take care of me. Instead, you should drink to your heart’s content. If you get drunk I can still send you home.”

“That’s quite true.” Zhou Shuang nodded in agreement and went to drink with the others.

“Xuxu, I’ve requested another drink for you.”

Ming Ansheng entered the room with a pink drink. He gave her a full bow and presented the drink to Xuxu in a gentlemanly manner.

Wen Xuxu received the pretty goblet with its pale blue straw. Her throat was quite dry after singing that song earlier. She didn’t give it much thought and after thanking Ming Ansheng, she began to drink from the straw.

Zhou Shuang was enjoying herself with Xu Ming and the rest and they were all singing.

There was an empty seat next to Xuxu and Ming Ansheng smoothly sat down. He saw that Xuxu was drinking the beverage he’d ordered and his mouth curled up with a devilish smile.

Yan Rusheng was used to observing the people and his surroundings carefully and he realized that Ming Ansheng had been overly attentive.

He stole a glance at Ming Ansheng and he managed to detect that devilish gleam in his eyes.

As expected…

Next, his gaze shifted to Wen Xuxu’s hand which was holding the goblet. He silently admonished her. Stupid woman.

She wouldn’t even realize if someone had sold her.

Wen Xuxu had fixed her attention on Zhou Shuang, Xu Ming, and the rest as they played and snatched at the microphone. Unknown to her, the two guys at her side were harboring different thoughts about her.

The size of the goblet was quite large but the beverage it contained was too little. She drank everything in one gulp and put the glass down.

“Xuxu, how was the drink?” Ming Ansheng looked at Wen Xuxu and crossed his legs elegantly. He pretended to ask casually.

Wen Xuxu didn’t give it much thought and nodded. She replied honestly, “It’s quite nice, but there’s not a lot to drink.”

This means that it wasn’t enough… Ming Ansheng was secretly rejoicing in his heart.

“It’s alright, I’ll get another glass for you.”

He didn’t wait for Xuxu to stop him and immediately stood up and strode out of the room.

Yan Rusheng stared suspiciously at Ming Ansheng’s back as he vanished from sight. He got up immediately and walked towards the entrance.

“You’re wasting your effort on those useless methods. As your buddy, trust me and you won’t go wrong. Make sure she’s yours first before you propose. The probability of success will definitely be higher than you proposing to her first.”

Young Master Ming was at the common bar counter in the VIP area making a phone call. He was absolutely unrestrained about imparting his knowledge of wooing ladies to the friend over the phone.

He was completely unaware that a pair of malicious-looking eyes were staring at him with a murderous glare.

“Anyway, regardless of whether you’re coming or not, I’ve already given her a drink with a lot of alcohol in it. If you really can’t come to the bar now, I’ll help you to the end by sending her to your place later.”