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“Alright then, I’ll try to stall for time. Come as quickly as possible.”

If a stare could kill, Young Master Ming would have died countless times in that short span of time.

The man behind him withdrew his gaze when he saw that Ming Ansheng was about to hang up. He turned around soundlessly and walked back to the private room.

The door opened and sure enough, the tiny woman who was still sitting up before he left was now lying down on the couch.

Her petite body lay there with her hands properly placed on her belly. She was sleeping peacefully and didn’t seem like she was drunk.

With big steps he strode towards her, bending down to pick her up. He casually carried her handbag too and without a word to the others, he turned around and left.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew towards them when they stepped out. It was accompanied by a chilly breeze coming in their direction.

The woman in his arms felt the chill and curled her body. In that instant, Yan Rusheng was struck with a pang of guilt and he almost flung her away.

He lowered his head to look at her—she was still sleeping peacefully as if nothing had happened earlier.

“Stupid woman, I’m going to sell you off.” Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth and reprimanded her fiercely.

However, his voice was soft and he spoke cautiously.

He put Wen Xuxu down when he was near the car. He supported her with one hand and with the other opened the car door, and then stuffed her inside.

The next second he rushed to get in the car, and after starting the engine he drove off in a rush.

Stopping the car at a red light, Yan Rusheng stole a glance at the sleeping woman through the rearview mirror. She was still lying in the same position when Yan Rusheng had laid her down. Her body was tightly curled up with her ponytail loosened and hanging limply.

It made one feel like protecting her.

Oh, damn it. To his surprise, his heart had been pounding for some time after seeing this scene.

And god damn it, why did he ‘abduct’ her?

Young Master Yan was well aware that his action was classified as an ‘abduction’.

But he had already ‘abducted’ her, so he couldn’t possibly send her back, right?

He was feeling vexed at the moment when suddenly his cellphone rang. He glanced at the screen and as expected, it was from Ming Ansheng.

He answered the call and Ming Ansheng’s anxious voice instantly sounded over the phone. “Third Yan, where did you go? Have you seen Xuxu?”

Young Master Yan looked back guiltily to check on Wen Xuxu. He responded after he saw that there weren’t any signs of her waking up anytime soon. “She’s tipsy and kept pestering me to send her home.”

“Really?” Ming Ansheng asked skeptically.

Yan Rusheng immediately adopted his Young Master Yan’s usual authority and command and retorted in a low voice, “Do you think I’m lying to you? You don’t know how irritating she is.”

“Oh.” Ming Ansheng believed him. “Are you sending her back home or to your place?”

Despite knowing the answer, Yan Rusheng asked, “Why are you so concerned about her?”

Ming Ansheng replied honestly, “Ah Heng is looking for her.”

Yan Rusheng originally wanted to say that he was sending Wen Xuxu back to her own apartment. The words were already in his mouth when he unexpectedly changed his mind. “I’m a little tipsy as well, so I won’t be heading to her place. I’m going straight back home, and anyway the old madam has been clamoring for Xuxu to visit her these past few days.”

When he used the old madam as a reason, Ming Ansheng instantly deflated like a balloon. “Alright then.”

Yan Rusheng hung up and a cunning look flashed through his eyes, the corners rippling with evilness.

After reaching the entrance of the courtyard, he made a turn and the car entered the courtyard slowly.