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Just a glass of liquor and she would transform into another person completely.

She usually labeled him as a jerk or a piece of scum and it would sound like he’d once let her down before.

“Since Fang Jiayin is your taboo, I have something that I must say.” Wen Xuxu waved her hands wildly in the air. “Fang Jiayin… Fang Jiayin…”

She had a jubilant smile on her face and shouted Fang Jiayin’s name repeatedly. She looked at Yan Rusheng and sniggered. “No matter how attractive you are, Fang Jiayin still left you. As your longtime nemesis, nothing else delights me as much as this matter.”

She waved her hands again and gleefully spun in circles while humming her favorite tune.

Yan Rusheng had an annoyed expression.

Right now he felt like strangling this woman who had been at loggerheads with him since they were young.

Wen Xuxu was still spinning happily when Yan Rusheng extended his hand and grabbed her wrist. He menacingly drew closer to her.

He glared fiercely and said, “Wen Xuxu, there’s no reason for you to rejoice since you were ditched by Jiang Zhuoheng too.”

He finished his sentence and forcefully flung her hand away.

Both were consumed with anger and started attacking each other’s past.

“I admit it, so what?” Wen Xuxu raised her face and continued, “I’ve put the past behind me. How about you? I am much more of a man than you’ll ever be.”

Yan Rusheng sneered and he gazed at her chest for a second.

“I really can’t tell that you are a woman.”

There was nothing ladylike about her from the inside to the outside.

She was as fierce as a tigress and used her fists to resolve conflicts instead of words. Other girls went through puberty at the age of fourteen but her figure still resembled an airport runway during high school.

How can she be shameless enough to insist that she’s a woman?

Wen Xuxu smirked. “Obviously you didn’t notice, since Fang Jiayin is the only one who exists in your eyes. The rest of us are men.”

The autumn wind was chilly and it roused Wen Xuxu’s senses.

She rubbed her face and was suddenly aware that she’d lost control of her emotions. She didn’t want to explain and chose to leave.

Behind her, Yan Rusheng yelled in response, “You’re damn right! I do like Fang Jiayin. What about it?”

“Then you should have cherished her, why did you drive her away?” Wen Xuxu didn’t stop walking, but neither did she turn back. She answered him with her back still facing him. “If I were you and I couldn’t forget her, I would have traveled to the four corners of the Earth to look for her.”

They were used to attacking each other’s weaknesses and rubbing salt in each other’s wounds.

Yan Rusheng heard what Wen Xuxu said and he became quiet.

Why did he drive her away?

He reproached and mocked himself. He couldn’t even make his loved one stay by his side.

If I were you and I couldn’t forget her, I would have traveled to the four corners of the Earth to look for her.

He repeated Wen Xuxu’s words and his gaze moved and found her indistinct figure. Indeed, he couldn’t be compared to this silly woman who could go with the flow.