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He got down and proceeded to open the back door. He grabbed her legs and carelessly dragged her out.

But he didn’t seem to realize that Xuxu was wearing a dress. When he pulled on her legs, her dress slipped upwards, revealing her fair thighs.

Young Master Yan’s head was bent down and he caught sight of this alluring sight. He swallowed and a huge ball of fire seemed to appear in his body, burning deep inside of him.

At this moment, the butler came rushing out. “Young Master.”

Yan Rusheng immediately reacted and turned to stop him. “Don’t come over.”

He bent down and helped Wen Xuxu adjust her dress, not daring to handle her so carelessly anymore. He decided to simply carry her instead.

“Get her bag and bring it to me.”

He instructed the butler and then carried Xuxu into the house.

It was already late at night and most of the servants were asleep. Only the living room had lights on and it was dimly lit.

Yan Rusheng didn’t pause and he proceeded to the second level.

He entered Wen Xuxu’s room and threw her on the bed.

Wen Xuxu’s lithe body landed on the bed, bouncing slightly a few times.

Her arms were twisted in an uncomfortable position and she flipped over. The alcohol made her feel bothered and suffocated, and her mouth was mumbling something inaudible.

Yan Rusheng lowered his eyes to look at her and he knitted his eyebrows. His eyes contained a faint smile.

“Wen Xuxu.” On a sudden whim, he wanted to hear her inner heartfelt thoughts while she was tipsy. He bent down and inched closer to Xuxu’s face, then called her name softly.

She heard someone calling her and Xuxu pouted in response. “Ah Heng… I’m thirsty…”

Young Master Yan’s face fell in an instant. “Stupid woman, open your eyes and look at me.”

That guy had used such a despicable method and yet she was still thinking about him.

Wen Xuxu apparently heard him; she actually obeyed his command and opened her eyes.

Her vision was fuzzy and her cheeks were rosy. She looked charmingly naive and Young Master Yan’s heart couldn’t help pounding again.

He gawked at her red lips and he felt an impulse to get closer… and closer to her…

“Get me some water, will you?” Wen Xuxu suddenly grabbed Yan Rusheng’s arm and begged him pitifully.

“I’ll let you die of thirst,” Yan Rusheng reproached her sternly. “Stupid and pitiful.”

But when he saw her current state, his compassion overpowered him instead. He got up to get water for her.

Suddenly, Wen Xuxu stretched her hand to clutch his wrist and pulled him forcefully.

Yan Rusheng was caught off guard and he lost his footing. He fell on the bed and then his breathing became sluggish.

Young Master Yan was afraid that he might lose control of himself and do something to Wen Xuxu… the woman he loathed. So he hastily raised his head.

But he had barely moved away when Wen Xuxu stretched out her hands and put them around his neck. “Don’t leave.”

Her clear and bright eyes were brimming with tears. She looked at him with an intense and sorrowful gaze.

Her breath carried an intoxicating scent.

Oh… this bothersome and stupidly alluring woman.

Yan Rusheng’s heart had begun to stir as he fixed his eyes on that tiny face. To his surprise, he was thrilled and felt a strong desire to possess her.

No, this feeling isn’t right. It must be an illusion.

He needed to leave now. If not, his legendary reputation might end up tarnished because of her.