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The person beside him seemed to sense that he was going to leave. Her hands refused to let him go and she hugged him tightly, pulling him towards her.

Her kiss smelled faintly of the sweet taste of alcohol, and her lips attacked him in all directions.

The feeling was damn good and it disrupted his consciousness.

Stupid woman. You can’t hold your liquor and yet you fool around after getting drunk. He’d teach her a lesson tonight as punishment and see if she would dare to randomly accept unknown drinks from other people in the future.

Young Master Yan found an ostentatious excuse for himself… to go along with Xuxu.

As he embraced her, to his shock, he discovered that she was actually so thin?

So tiny!

It was really hard to visualize her as the fierce and tough little shrew she used to be.

He started to respond to her advances. Even though he didn’t have much actual ‘combat experience’ in this aspect but he was naturally gifted. In just a short span of time, he had reached the level where he could effortlessly handle the flow.

His wicked-looking eyes were still fixated on her own watery ones. Her eyes seemed to shimmer, causing his to glow with a fierce light.

There was a powerful desire in his heart and he was consumed with that desire to swallow and devour her entirely.

To his surprise, that desire felt strangely familiar.

“Young…” Aunt Zhang was holding the handbag the butler had handed over to her and was delivering it to Wen Xuxu’s room.

Xuxu’s door wasn’t closed and Aunt Zhang was about to call for Yan Rusheng when she reached the room. She raised her head and saw the sight of Yan Rusheng lying on top of Wen Xuxu. Her eyes stared in shock and she pressed her lips tightly, halting her footsteps all at once.

She was astounded for a moment before she snapped out of her trance. She quietly retreated from the room with light footsteps. Her eyes beamed with excitement when she recalled the sight of them lying on the bed.

Wang Daqin came out of the toilet at that moment and she heard Aunt Zhang’s movements. She walked out to check if Yan Rusheng was back and noticed Aunt Zhang who was sneakily backing away from Xuxu’s room. Then she realized that the lights in Xuxu’s room were switched on.

She was puzzled and was about to walk towards her. “Zhang—”

“Shhh.” Wang Daqin had just opened her mouth when Aunt Zhang turned around and hushed her, signaling her to be quiet.

Instinctively, Wang Daqin pressed her lips tightly. She waited until Aunt Zhang was in front of her before she asked, “What happened?”

“Third Young Master… he…” Aunt Zhang held Wang Daqin’s hand and led her to the stairs. She was too thrilled to speak coherently.

If she informed the old madam about this good news, her blood pressure would definitely shoot up from sheer happiness.

When she saw that Aunt Zhang couldn’t piece the words to string a proper sentence, Wang Daqin became extremely anxious. “What happened to Third Young Master?”

She obviously came out from Xuxu’s room, but what did that have to do with Third Yan?

Aunt Zhang was still dawdling with her words and Wang Daqin started feeling impatient. She halted her footsteps and wanted to turn back to take a look for herself.

Aunt Zhang hastily reached out to stop her. “Third Young Master was lying… lying on top of Miss Xuxu. They were… lying in bed kissing.”

After she finished her sentence, she blushed.

Oh dear, an old lady like her had actually witnessed the couple doing— cough cough . How embarrassing.

“Really?” Wang Daqin widened her eyes and tightly grasped Aunt Zhang’s arm with excitement.

Even though she hadn’t witnessed the scene herself, her eyes were beaming with more excitement and delight than Aunt Zhang.

Her eyes swiveled towards Xuxu’s room and she wanted to take a look personally.

Aunt Zhang nodded and she reassured her. “Yes, I saw everything clearly. Both of them were embracing and the young master was lying on top of Miss Xuxu.”

She was positive that what she saw was true.

“Oh dear, I can’t take it anymore. Aunt Zhang, get my blood pressure monitor.” Wang Daqin grabbed her arm, one hand pressed against her forehead.