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Happiness had dawned too quickly and it caused her blood pressure to shoot up.

Aunt Zhang covered her mouth and chortled. “Old Madam, look how happy you are.”

She had worked for Wang Daqin for decades and obviously knew her very well.

Wang Daqin had spared no effort to matchmake the two kids.

“They left the door open?” Wang Daqin stole a glance in the direction of Wen Xuxu’s room. She really felt like taking a peek.

“Yes.” Aunt Zhang was embarrassed at the thought once more. “The kids nowadays are really liberal.”

They have no moral principles.

“Being open-minded is good, open-minded is good.” Wang Daqin was grinning from ear to ear, unable to conceal her happiness. She pulled Aunt Zhang away and sat on one of the steps. “Tonight I’ll sit here and stand guard. No one is allowed to enter the second level and disturb them.”

And then she started to picture the scene in Wen Xuxu’s room on her bed.

Aunt Zhang was speechless…

Old Madam doesn’t have any moral principles as well!

Wen Xuxu was kissing him in a domineering way.

It had never crossed Yan Rusheng’s mind that Wen Xuxu would have such a mischievous and wild side to her. She was so adorable he’d lost control of himself.

A voice inside of him kept egging him on to make this woman his!

Wen Xuxu’s face had turned scarlet red and her eyes were half-closed the entire time. The expression in her eyes held a tinge of sorrow.

Yan Rusheng suddenly recalled something and his expression changed.

His hands and passionate kisses stopped at the same time and he raised his head. He gazed at Wen Xuxu’s face with flames of jealousy blazing in his eyes.

“Wen Xuxu, look at me. Look at me and say my name.”

She had looked at him just now and said ‘Ah Heng, I’m thirsty’ . Right now, was she mistaking him for Jiang Zhuoheng again?

It had to be. She loved Jiang Zhuoheng so deeply that she’d given up the coveted opportunity to study abroad.

He feared that her love for him had reached a point beyond rationality and logic. In that case, how could she willingly sleep with any random guy?

He clearly knew the answer but he was expecting something else in his heart.

“Haha, Ah Heng. Aren’t you silly?”

Wen Xuxu lifted her lips and a beautiful smile bloomed tenderly at the corners of her mouth.

The man lying on top of her was frozen stiff. His gorgeous face had turned icy cold in an instant.

“So you’ve been longing for Jiang Zhuoheng this whole time?” The corners of his mouth twitched unhappily. “Wen Xuxu, you’re shameless.”

Yan Rusheng coldly berated her and stood up. He turned around and left without looking at her.

That towering figure was full of pride as usual. He was like a lofty skymountain that seemed beyond one’s reach.

“Ah Sheng…”

Only when Yan Rusheng had vanished out of sight, did she gingerly whisper the nickname she once thought had only belonged to her.

I don’t mind if you address me as either Yan Rusheng or Third Yan in future.

She was clear of her feelings when she was tipsy even though her mind was befuddled. When he had roused her just now, she looked at his face and had an overwhelming urge to embrace him. She wanted to relive an old dream once more.

She thought to herself, Did he forget? Did he forget about that promise?

Would he be able to remember if they could do it all over again?

However she suddenly became clear-headed. The previous time he’d been drunk, but this time he wasn’t.

He had loved Fang Jiayin deeply; how could those words he uttered be meant for her?

She knew that he had left furiously because he felt that he was just a replacement. He was too proud and overbearing.

But Ah Sheng, I feel the same way too.

Even if he’d desired her tonight, it was only because she had seduced him first. He had reacted like any normal man would react in such a situation.

Even if they had continued, in order to fulfil her desire of reliving that dream from three years ago.