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He’d been thinking of Fang Jiayin in his heart as well.

Yan Rusheng returned to his room to take a cold shower. He put on a white bathrobe and came out with still-wet hair.

When he saw how delicate and adorable she’d looked earlier on, he had fallen into her trap and had been unable to extricate himself.

To the extent… to the extent that his heart had thumped wildly. It was what Wang Daqin had been yearning for, for him to keep her by his side forever.

But the ridiculous thing was, that side of her belonged to Jiang Zhuoheng. It only belonged to Jiang Zhuoheng.

Yan Rusheng, you’ve degraded yourself to such a low level. How could your heart pound for that stupid woman?

“In this case, seeing my great-grandchild next year shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Congratulations, Old Madam! Your wishes have come true.”

“Thank you for congratulating me…”

Yan Rusheng appeared on the stair landing and found the two old ladies sitting on the steps. They were happily discussing about some great-grandchild.

The icy expression on his face transformed into surprise.


In the middle of the night, this old lady was still awake and she was wearing something weird. And what was she doing on the stairs?

When she heard Yan Rusheng’s voice, Wang Daqin turned her head in shock. “Third Yan, why are you done so quickly?”

She surveyed him from head to toe, and her eyes finally landed on Yan Rusheng’s face.

The edges of Yan Rusheng’s mouth was slightly reddish.

She smirked in her heart when she visualized how intense the situation must have been between the two kids.

But it had only been less than twenty minutes, why was he already done?

“What?” Yan Rusheng frowned as he was clueless about what the old lady was asking him. “What do you mean by so fast?”

Wang Daqin held the staircase railing for support as she climbed towards him. She sized him up and mumbled doubtfully to herself, “Such a young age and he’s been working out every day. His body looks fit and robust. Why… why was it so fast?”

Perhaps he lacked nutrition?

Yan Rusheng was extremely vexed and he didn’t feel like deciphering the old lady’s thoughts right now. He grew rather impatient when he was being pulled by her to listen to her mumble. “Grandmother, what exactly are you talking about?”

“Nothing.” Wang Daqin shook her head. “Never mind, tomorrow I’ll bring you for a consultation to see if there are any ways to help you.”

Cough, cough. He hadn’t been able to last long for their first time. So he must be feeling inferior too.

She wondered if Xuxu would mind.

The old lady had a worried look and Yan Rusheng was perplexed. But he paid no attention to her and went downstairs.

Wen Xuxu woke up sometime after 8 a.m. the next day.

She showered and found some of her old clothes in the closet. She chose a puffy pink shirt and paired it with a long white skirt.

She dried her hair before heading downstairs.

Wang Daqin was holding a feather duster in the living room and as she cleaned, she hummed her favorite tune. She seemed to be in an excellent mood.

“Grandmother,” Wen Xuxu called for Wang Daqin who was joyfully busying herself with cleaning.

“Xuxu, you’re awake.” Wang Daqin turned and beamed cheerfully at Wen Xuxu as she sized her up.

Look at her, look at her. Her Xuxu was still the loveliest, with her long silky hair and rosy cheeks.

She cast the feather duster aside and walked towards Xuxu. Holding her hand, she led her into the kitchen.

She walked and yelled at the same time, “Aunt Zhang, heat up the bird’s nest porridge! Xuxu is awake!”

Aunt Zhang’s voice drifted out from the kitchen. “I got it.”

Grandmother had always doted on her but she felt that today the expression in her eyes seemed weird.

It was… a little ambiguous.