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They reached the dining room and Wang Daqin shoved Xuxu towards the chair that she had just pulled out. “Take a seat first, the bird’s nest porridge will be ready soon. If you feel like eating anything else, just inform Aunt Zhang to cook it for you.”

After saying this, she walked into the kitchen.

Wen Xuxu stared suspiciously at Wang Daqin’s back. What’s happening right now?

Aunt Zhang came out of the kitchen with the bird’s nest porridge and served it carefully. “Miss Xuxu, the bird’s nest porridge is ready. It’s neither too hot nor cold, you can eat it right away.”

She had on a smile that was identical to Wang Daqin’s… filled with ambiguity.

“That… Aunt Zhang.” Wen Xuxu couldn’t contain her curiosity anymore and asked, “I wanted to ask, what happened to Grandmother?”

Aunt Zhang frowned but then flashed another smile. “You silly girl, she’s just happy and overjoyed. What else could it be?”

Wen Xuxu was frustrated.

She had eyes, so of course she could tell how happy she was, alright? She just wanted to ask why she was so happy and gleeful?

“Aunt Zhang, the person who sold the soft-shelled turtle said that you must stew it once it’s slaughtered. That way, the effect of the boiled soup will be maximized. If you delay the timing, the effects won’t be as good.” Wang Daqin came out of the kitchen and instructed Aunt Zhang at the same time.

Aunt Zhang nodded. “I know, I’ll slaughter it now.”

Soft-shelled turtle? Effects?

What was it for? Wen Xuxu was nonplussed as she looked at the two old ladies.

She asked, “Whose body isn’t well?”

Wasn’t boiled turtle soup supposed to nourish one’s body?

“It’s nothing,” Wang Daqin denied, shaking her head guiltily. “No one is unwell. I just felt that both you and Rusheng have been working too hard recently. It’s just to replenish your health.”

“Oh!” Wen Xuxu was speechless.

She had already left her job, so how could she be working hard? Recently, other than eating and sleeping, all she did was enjoy herself.

“Xuxu, actually there is something I want to tell you.” Wang Daqin walked to Wen Xuxu and sat beside her. She had a helpless look on her face. “Xinyi…”

She was afraid that Wen Xuxu had no clue who Xinyi was so she began to explain. “She’s Xiaosheng’s current secretary. She doesn’t have any work experience so she keeps making mistakes at work. The Board of Directors received some negative feedback about her so I would like you to return to Flourish & Prosper to guide her for a period of time.”

Then she reached out to grab Wen Xuxu’s hand, enveloping it with the warmth from her palm. “If you’re unwilling then forget it. I’ll think of something else instead. That old fellow Ming sent Xinyi to me as a friendly gesture. I can’t simply send her back in such a short span of time. I need to wait for a while before I send her away with a suitable reason.”

She had used her trump card—a sympathy tactic.

As expected, Wen Xuxu looked down and started to mull over her suggestion.

Wang Daqin took advantage of the moment and tightened her fingers. The warmth from her palm felt like it was stroking Wen Xuxu’s heart and she caved.

She nodded her head lightly. “Alright.”

How could she not know Wen Xinyi?

She was Ming Ansheng’s cousin. Furthermore, she had met the bashful girl when Yan Rusheng had brought her along on his matchmaking session.

She figured that Grandmother wouldn’t have asked her if she could think of an alternative.

Just as mentioned, the Ming family had sent her. Their intention was obvious and if unless they gave a suitable reason, it would be tantamount to slapping the Ming family’s face if she was sent back.

“It’s been hard on you,” Wang Daqin responded gratefully. “At the crucial moment, Xuxu, you’re always the most considerate. If only Xiaosheng had half of your thoughtfulness.”

With Xuxu by his side, she could rest easy.

Even though Wen Xuxu had agreed, she still had some reservations.

“Grandmother, I’m alright with going back. But President Yan might… have objections.”