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Wen Xuxu nodded in response.

Even though she wasn’t sure of the old madam’s reasons for doing so, but she was being so secretive about it, and it seemed like she was hatching up a grand scheme.

Anyway, she would only be here for a short period of time as requested by the old madam. She would do whatever was instructed of her.


Just then, Yan Rusheng came back. Dressed in a formal shirt, he looked well-groomed as usual, and he appeared elegant and dapper.

When he saw Wang Daqin and Wen Xuxu, he was rather startled by their appearance. He hastened his footsteps as he walked towards Wang Daqin.

His eyes briefly scanned Wen Xuxu for a moment, his expression cold and detached.

Xuxu pressed her lips together. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and her pretty face had a soft radiance to it. A pair of bright and clear eyes shone with a hint of a smile, resembling a budding lotus waiting to bloom in a pond. It wasn’t breathtaking but it was rather alluring in a fresh and refined way.

It seemed to give off a neither close nor distant feeling.

Yan Rusheng’s thoughts traveled back to how she’d looked yesterday night. His heart surged with waves of frustrating emotions once more.

His new secretary Wen Xinyi was holding a blue folder as she tailed him closely. When she came to face Wang Daqin, she nodded and greeted her. “Chairman.”

Wang Daqin acknowledged the greeting and nodded kindly. “How were the past two days? Have you gotten used to it?”

Wen Xinyi timidly lowered her head and softly replied, “It… it’s alright.”

She didn’t dare to say that she wasn’t used to it at all. Not to mention that Yan Rusheng wasn’t taking special care of her at all, unlike what Grandfather had promised.

Compared to feeling aggrieved, she was more unwilling to be sent back.

Wang Daqin observed Wen Xinyi’s fear and she calmly smiled without batting an eyelid. “Xinyi, I’ve brought Secretary Wen to guide you. During this period, learn from her and I believe you’ll be able to perform well.”

Even though she would pay a visit to the company once a month, she was well aware of everything that happened. Especially for the president’s office—she would be notified of any minor issues.

So she was clearly aware of the girl’s mistakes and behavior in the company.

Wen Xinyi’s performance these past few days was something she had expected. To stay beside Yan Rusheng, you could never have a fragile heart. If you have one then sorry to say that it will be shattered soon.

The only people he would pardon and tolerate—his mother, grandmother, and the precious person in his heart.

Clearly, Wen Xinyi wasn’t one of them.

As she thought of this, she dragged Wen Xuxu to her side. She thought to herself, This is the most precious one in Yan Rusheng’s heart.

Anyway, there wasn’t any concrete evidence yet, but yesterday they had indeed slept together. He had dated so many female celebrities before this and he hadn’t even touched any of them. This meant that in his heart, Xuxu was different from the rest.

These two rabbits who had caused her so much worry had finally realized that the best person was still the one right before their eyes. She had almost given up on them.

Yan Rusheng heard her and he frowned. “You want her to come back to Flourish & Prosper?”

He slowly turned to look at Wen Xuxu.

When Xuxu saw him looking at her, she curled her mouth into a smile. She smiled naturally and magnanimously with a hint of mischief.

Yan Rusheng could detect a hint of provocation from her smile and he was vexed.

What was this stupid woman treating Flourish & Prosper and the president’s office as? On what basis could she come and go as she liked?

Ahem. To borrow the old madam’s words—based on the fact that she is the future mistress of Flourish & Prosper and also the cherished person in your heart.

Wang Daqin nodded. “Yes.”

“I disagree.” Yan Rusheng flung his hand coldly and walked with large strides towards his office.

Wang Daqin directed some words at his back. “Even if you disagree, you still have to agree.”

She was his grandmother and her imposing manner was a shade more domineering.