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After Yan Rusheng entered his office, he slammed the door shut.

Wang Daqin ignored him and turned around to console Xuxu. “Xuxu, go ahead and do what’s needed. I will back you up.”

This wretched fellow had already slept with her. Why was he acting all high and mighty and pretending to be noble now?

Wen Xuxu smiled sanguinely and shook her head. “It’s alright, Grandmother. Anyway, I’m only here to share the experience and knowledge I gained this past year with Miss Wen.”

After her statement, she turned to glance at Wen Xinyi and continued, “Miss Wen is smart and witty, she’ll be able to understand how to handle President Yan’s matters.”

Wen Xinyi smiled bashfully and her face blushed crimson.

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

Such a bashful and shy lady had been sent to assist Yan Rusheng. Didn’t her family realize that they were indirectly destroying their precious granddaughter?

“With you to guide her, I can rest assured.” Wang Daqin patted the back of Xuxu’s hand affectionately. Her smile revealed her pearly white teeth and also carried slyness and an ulterior motive.

She sent someone to arrange a seat for Wen Xuxu which was adjacent to Wen Xinyi.

In the car…

The old lady was using her laptop to hold a video call with Miss Mu Li who was currently overseas. She updated her regarding her decision to send Xuxu back to Flourish & Prosper.

Mu Li was slightly worried. “Won’t you be subjecting Xuxu to an abyss of suffering?”

Wang Daqin replied earnestly, “If there isn’t suffering, how can true love be revealed?”

Mu Li retorted with disdain, “Mother, you are too despicable.”

Wang Daqin glared at her angrily. “Mrs. Yan, take note of your words!”

Mu Li snorted coldly. “I’ve already divorced your son, please address me as Miss Mu Li instead.”

Wang Daqin chided, “Both you and your son need to be taught a good lesson.”

Wen Xuxu had been working in the President’s office for over a year. She was amiable and had a pleasant and cordial relationship with her colleagues.

Everyone still felt familiar with her after her return. Once she sat down, several people came over to greet her.

“Sister Xuxu, we had a bet two days ago that you would definitely be back.”

Wen Xuxu frowned. “But I’m not the big gray wolf.”

Actually, she wanted to ask why they were so sure that she would be back.

Her colleagues smiled in response. “Sister Xuxu, you’re still as funny as ever.”

The atmosphere in the office unconsciously began to lighten up.

Wen Xinyi had been here for a few days and these people only spoke to her for work-related matters. Even if they bumped into each other during breaks, they only nodded their heads.

As she sat beside Wen Xuxu, Wen Xinyi observed how all their colleagues were happily chatting with Wen Xuxu. The corners of her mouth sunk in disappointment.

She felt that she was an outsider.

But in fact, she really did seem like an outsider. What should she do?

“Secretary Wen, what’s wrong?” Wen Xuxu accidentally glanced at Wen Xinyi and saw that her head was lowered. She seemed worried and Xuxu decided to show her some concern.

Wen Xinyi heard Wen Xuxu calling her and she immediately raised her head and gave a smile. “Nothing much, I’m just thinking of what to eat for lunch.”

Wen Xuxu could tell from her guilty look that she wasn’t telling the truth. But she had simply thrown her a casual question without much thought so it didn’t really matter if she was hiding something.

In her bag, her phone suddenly started ringing.

She withdrew her gaze and placed the bag on her lap rummaging inside for her phone.

Suddenly she discovered a furry doll in her bag. She recalled that a young guy had given it her at the bar last night.

She felt that it was a hindrance so she just placed it on her desk. Finding her phone, she saw that the caller was Jiang Zhuoheng.