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Did someone give it to her? Who gave it to her?

He reached for the furry doll and sized it up with contempt. He noticed a label on the doll’s head and his face fell.

Indeed, it wasn’t cheap. So who had given this to her?

This person really had no foresight. There were so many beautiful ladies at the bar and he had chosen this stupid woman.

Without warning, he gave it a squeeze with his long and slender fingers and the cute doll became deformed.

“So childish.”

With a strong feeling of dislike, Young Master Yan threw the little doll into the trash can below Xuxu’s desk. The pathetic doll had transformed from a luxury item to trash in an instant.

When Wen Xuxu came back from lunch, she didn’t notice that the doll was missing.

She tore up a pile of useless documents and bent down to throw the pieces of paper into the trash can. She accidentally caught sight of the doll inside.

Eh? She took out the doll from the trash can, brushing off tiny bits of paper.

She grew suspicious; how did the doll end up in the trash can?

Wen Xinyi was holding a bag of trash as she came out of Yan Rusheng’s office. She noticed Wen Xuxu holding the doll and seemed to be mulling over something. Jealousy gleamed in her eyes once more and she pouted her mouth.

“Secretary Wen, President Yan is asking for you.”

She didn’t wait for Wen Xuxu to respond and immediately walked to the elevator with the trash bag in her hands.

Wen Xuxu raised her head and stared intently at Wen Xinyi’s back. Her eyebrows were knitted with sullenness.

Secretary Wen, why are you looking at me like that?

That doll is adorable.

Did she throw away the doll?

The president’s office wasn’t that big and the cleaning staff wouldn’t start cleaning at this time. Even if the cleaning staff came, they had no reason to throw her stuff away.

When she left earlier on, the doll was still on her desk. Only Wen Xinyi was in the office. Except for her, she couldn’t think of another suspect.

But why did she throw her doll away?

Did… did she get the wrong idea about something?

Wen Xuxu suddenly recalled the scandal she had with Yan Rusheng a few days ago. She was instantly enlightened and understood why Wen Xinyi didn’t seem to like her.

She said it before, but she really hadn’t done anything to offend Wen Xinyi. Why was she treating her with animosity?

So the reason was because of Yan Rusheng. Then she must be the one who threw the doll away.

She was torn between laughing and crying. This young girl was too inexperienced.

If she didn’t like seeing her around, then she should work harder to fulfill her duties as Yan Rusheng’s secretary. Throwing her stuff away was too childish.

The minute Young Master Yan came out of his office, he saw Wen Xuxu staring at that annoying doll with a helpless smile.

He already had an icy-cold expression on his good-looking face and now it became even colder. “Wen Xuxu, weren’t you informed that I wanted you to come in?”

Who was this person who gave her the doll? And it was important enough for her to retrieve it from the trash can.

“Alright, I’m coming.” At Yan Rusheng’s words, Wen Xuxu put the doll down and stood up.

Yan Rusheng turned around stiffly and re-entered his office with Wen Xuxu following behind.

As a habit, she closed the door after she entered.

Yan Rusheng walked to his desk and sat on his swivel chair. With both hands resting on the arms of the chair, he looked at Xuxu. He said nonchalantly, “Wen Xuxu, let’s make a deal.”

“Huh?” Wen Xuxu was stunned and stared blankly at him.

Deal? The words from Yan Rusheng’s mouth sounded interesting. At least in the past, he had always ordered her around as though he had the right to.

Today he had actually used the word ‘deal’ which had surprised her.

She was curious about what he wanted her to do.