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“Help me send Wen Xinyi away.” Yan Rusheng stated frankly what he wanted Wen Xuxu to do.

“Ah.” Wen Xuxu chuckled in her heart. So he wanted her to handle his ‘harem’ again.

Even though Wen Xinyi’s background was different from the celebrities and models he had dated before, but like the rest, she desired to become Yan Rusheng’s woman. So in essence, they were the same.

His heart belonged to someone else so he wouldn’t truly love her, let alone marry her. So he had to send her away like all the other women who had hoped to be his Third Madam Yan.

The expression in Xuxu’s eyes darkened but she recollected herself almost instantly. She said lightly, “Grandmother sent me here to guide her with the hope that she’ll stay.”

Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows coldly. “Does that mean you won’t agree to the deal?”

A barely noticeable look of annoyance swiftly flashed through his eyes.

This stupid woman had always obeyed and followed his orders when it came to these matters in the past. This time around, he had euphemistically worded his request but she had her nose high up in the air and was using the old madam as an excuse.

Xuxu lifted her chin slightly and gave an unflinching rejection. “I’m sorry, President Yan, I can’t do it.”

She didn’t want to deal with such matters on his behalf anymore. She would never do it again.

With a cold sneer, Yan Rusheng threatened her callously, “Wen Xuxu, I hope you don’t regret what you’ve said.”

“President Yan, what were you going to offer to convince me to accept?”

Even though she had made up her mind not to help him, she couldn’t help but ask him this.

But after she asked the question, she regretted it immediately. She should have kept her mouth shut.

Young Master Yan suddenly spoke in a raised voice, “Wen Xuxu, how dare you try to negotiate terms with me?”

He glared at Wen Xuxu, looking like he could hardly believe his ears.

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

Young Master, can you stop being hilarious?

You initiated a deal, so shouldn’t a deal benefit both parties?

Sure enough, she didn’t expect much from this ‘deal’.

But he was aware that she was no longer officially his secretary so it was hard to give her commands. He was merely using a tactic to spare himself from begging her for help.

This stupid fool, he should have a bargaining chip to persuade me to agree to the deal. She wasn’t dumb enough to accept it.

Since he was loaded, he could have offered a million or two. She might have agreed.

She noticed his expression darkening and he looked like he might hurl his ashtray at any minute. Xuxu’s insides shuddered and she thought that it’d be best if she left now.

“President Yan, if there’s nothing else then I’ll make a move first.”

Taking her leave, she turned around and strode towards the door.

Suddenly, Yan Rusheng spoke in a tone of ‘compromise’ from behind her. Yes, it was a ‘compromise’—he wasn’t admitting defeat.

“Wen Xuxu, help me with this and I’ll put in a good word for you to Jiang Zhuoheng and persuade him to get engaged with you soon.”

Wen Xuxu halted her footsteps; her body was frozen stiff.

“How does that sound?” Yan Rusheng saw that she had stopped in her tracks. He assumed that she was interested and was mulling over his offer.

His delight was mixed with an unfathomable emotion. It was a familiar feeling of annoyance.

What’s so good about Jiang Zhuoheng? At any mention of his name, this woman can’t even move.

Xuxu took a deep breath and turned around unhurriedly. She looked at this man with beautiful features and smiled briefly. “Thank you, President Yan, but there’s no need for that.”

And with that, she left without turning back.

She walked with confidence and determination, her long skirt billowing around her.

The office door opened and shut once again and everything instantly quietened down. Yan Rusheng’s chest tightened with gloominess for no apparent reason.