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He pondered over the reason for his gloominess. He finally concluded that it was because Wen Xuxu had rejected his deal.

No… she had rejected his compromise.

He opened his drawer and took out an exquisite cigarette case. He put a cigarette in his mouth.

He lighted it and began to smoke gloomily.

Actually, he didn’t enjoy smoking and only smoked occasionally when he was in a bad mood.

Wen Xuxu was buried in work the whole afternoon.

She glanced at the pile of documents and thought of what Yan Rusheng had wanted her to do earlier on. Then she thought of Wen Xinyi’s attitude towards her today. Suddenly it dawned on her that the reason why Wang Daqin had made her come back wasn’t merely just to guide Wen Xinyi and get her familiarized with the job scope.

Xuxu held her cup as she pondered, her eyebrows knitted.

Suddenly, Wen Xinyi’s feeble voice sounded in her ear, “Secretary Wen, President Yan has two dinner engagements to attend tonight but their timings have clashed. What should I do?”

She was holding Yan Rusheng’s weekly schedule and was looking at Wen Xuxu with anxiety and misery.

Xuxu ceased her thoughts and turned to look at her. “You should have asked President Yan for instructions regarding such matters first to determine which is the more important one to attend.”

She spoke in her usual tone, but to princesses like Wen Xinyi who were soft-spoken with fragile hearts, indeed she had seemed fierce by comparison.

Wen Xinyi looked down and replied softly with an “Oh”. Since she was feeling aggrieved, she elaborated, “President Yan did instruct me that if the two parties called, I had to accept right away.”

Wen Xuxu felt quite helpless. Even though she didn’t say much, it looked as though she had bullied her.

Therefore she adopted a gentler tone, “Then you should consult President Yan to cancel one of the engagements.”

Wang Daqin, you’ve pushed me into a pit of fire.

“Alright.” Wen Xinyi bit her lips and nodded, still looking as if she’d been wronged.

Wen Xuxu curled her lips.

Still, she should get herself out of this as soon as possible. She wouldn’t be able to handle this messy situation.

Wen Xinyi clutched the schedule in her hands and entered Yan Rusheng’s office.

When she came out, her eyes were brimming with tears. Her lips were pursed and anyone could tell that Yan Rusheng had lectured her.

Whenever Yan Rusheng used to flare up in the past, she could hear everything from her desk. However, she hadn’t heard anything just now. He’d probably admonished her lightly with a few harsh words.

Sigh, her fragile heart was too delicate.

In her heart, Wen Xuxu shook her head. She pretended that she hadn’t seen the other secretary and continued working.

Wen Xinyi approached Wen Xuxu. “Secretary Wen, President Yan said that both dinner engagements are important. Since we have agreed to them, we can’t reschedule.”

Wen Xuxu frowned. “Let me take a look.”

She received the schedule from Wen Xinyi and analyzed the two dinner engagements.

The corners of her mouth twitched silently a few times. Both appointments would be really hard to postpone. One was with the mayor and if her guess was right, it must be related to the state land in Chengdong district. The company had begun to bid for the development rights a year ago when she just joined.

Could it be canceled?

Regardless of how prominent Flourish & Prosper was, the mayor wasn’t someone who had the time to wait for Flourish & Prosper to reschedule an appointment.

The other client was a princess from Country Y who had mentioned last year that she would be making a trip here sometime this year. She was the founder of an electronics brand in Country Y.

Even though she seemed to be here as a guest but actually the purpose of the visit was to discuss a collaboration. She had finally made time to make the trip so they couldn’t possibly invite her to come again next month.

Wen Xinyi should have delayed the appointment with the mayor when the two appointments had clashed. But it had already been accepted and it was almost the end of the day. If they called to cancel now, the mayor might be offended.

“Is it really very troublesome?” Wen Xinyi noticed Xuxu had fallen silent. She choked on her words and large pearl-like teardrops began rolling down her cheeks.