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Wen Xuxu was lost for words as she looked at her. “Why are you crying? President Yan didn’t blame you either, so let me discuss this with President Yan first.”

Wen Xinyi’s fragile heart was really too delicate. If she continued like this, it would save Yan Rusheng the effort of thinking of ways to send her away. It was only a matter of time before she’d leave willingly.

Wen Xinyi rubbed her eyes dismally. “Did I… did I cause a lot of trouble?”

“It’s a little tricky but it doesn’t mean that we can’t solve it,” Wen Xuxu consoled her. Next, she took the schedule and proceeded to Yan Rusheng’s office.

“Come in.”

Yan Rusheng answered in his usual cold tone. Xuxu pushed the door to enter. “President Yan.”

When he heard her voice, Yan Rusheng raised his head from the pile of documents and eyed her frostily.

“President Yan, do you have any plans regarding the two dinner engagements tonight?” Wen Xuxu asked as she walked towards him.

Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows and questioned her instead, “Shouldn’t you be proposing a solution since you’re here?”

“Alright.” Wen Xuxu continued, “The dinner with Country Y’s princess is 40 minutes after the mayor’s appointment. I will head over there and stall for time.”

She spoke without beating around the bush.

“Oh.” Yan Rusheng nodded in approval.

Usually, he had no objections when it came to work-related matters proposed by Wen Xuxu. Furthermore, the proposals she had suggested were basically aligned with what he had in mind.

The bottom line was, the two of them did think alike.

“Then I’ll make the preparations now.” Wen Xuxu turned around to leave.

Yan Rusheng called her suddenly, “Wen Xuxu.”

“Yes?” Wen Xuxu responded and looked at him. “President Yan, do you have any further instructions?”

Yan Rusheng stared at her blankly for quite a while. Oh, wait… Why did he call her?

Earlier, when she was about to leave, he’d called her on impulse.

He deliberated for a moment before he responded, “Make sure you handle it well.”

“If I do, is there a reward?” Wen Xuxu asked casually. She blinked her apricot-like eyes and the corners of her eyes gleamed with a mischievous smile.

“There is.” Yan Rusheng looked at her and he couldn’t help but soften his expression and tone by a notch. “I… am not such a demanding boss.”

This was the first time Young Master Yan had tried to clarify something about himself in front of Miss Wen.

Once the words were out of his mouth, his entire body quivered and a wave of goosebumps appeared.

Tch. He had actually tried to explain to this stupid woman. Why was he trying to clarify what kind of a person he was to her?

Miss Wen secretly rolled her eyes in her heart. She really couldn’t see how he wasn’t demanding.

Yan Rusheng read the expression in her eyes and deciphered her inner thoughts. He felt appalled at his ‘clarification’ earlier on.

“Shouldn’t you get back to work?” He raised his volume but the cover-up only made matters worse.

Wen Xuxu replied “Oh” and left resentfully.

In the evening, Yan Rusheng left with Wen Xinyi to meet the mayor first. The appointment with Country Y’s princess was scheduled 40 minutes after the first appointment so she would set off slightly later.

Xuxu didn’t feel like heading home and decided to use the extra time to finish her work.

She frowned at seeing the huge pile of work on her desk and sighed heavily. She wondered if Wang Daqin had purposely sent her back to handle all the unfinished work.

Some were completed but were then rejected by Yan Rusheng.

Since Wen Xinyi wasn’t up to the task, why couldn’t they hire a new replacement?

Her cellphone suddenly rang, startling her. She glanced at the screen and it displayed Yan Rusheng’s name.

She picked up immediately. “Hello, President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng asked, “Are you in the office?”

Wen Xuxu could tell from his tone that he was in a rage right now. She had a hunch that he must have come across something that had pissed him off.