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She answered softly, “Yeah, I’m in the office.”

Yan Rusheng continued, “Someone accidentally bumped into me at the restaurant so now my shirt is stained. Go to my closet and get me a new shirt.”

As expected…

Xuxu glanced at the time; it was currently an hour before from the scheduled appointment with the princess. She calculated the traveling duration needed to commute between these two places before she agreed. “Alright.”

An hour was sufficient and it wouldn’t be too rushed.

After she hung up, she went to Yan Rusheng’s office and entered his bedroom.

As she entered, she was greeted by a familiar whiff of an indistinct and fragrant scent. It was Yan Rusheng’s perfume and it made her heart pound instantly.

The table and chairs were all spotlessly clean and the white bedsheets and quilt were arranged neatly.

She unconsciously looked towards the head of the bed and as usual, saw a silver necklace hanging there. The pendant had the words ‘A lifetime’ inscribed on it.

The corners of her mouth slowly sank and she looked down forlornly. She spun around and walked to his closet.

She opened the closet door and held her breath but to no avail. Her heart still trembled.

All of his shirts were white with the only difference being in the buttons and design. They were all arranged neatly from the first to the last.

He loved the color white—it was the color of his furniture, bedsheets, quilt, and even his underwear.

When they attended school during the summertime, he always wore a white t-shirt with light blue jeans and a pair of white track shoes. Then he would lie in wait at the school entrance, his bag slung over one of his shoulders. He liked to find trouble with her using all sorts of excuses.

Regardless of whether it was a sunrise brimming with vitality or a poignant sunset, he shone brilliantly like the blazing sun. Every time he saw her, the corners of his mouth would twitch lightly and wickedness would instantly creep up his gorgeous face. It was both elegant and playful.

During winter, his white down coat was even whiter than snow. He would frown and yell at her, “Wen Xuxu, what took you so long?! Can’t you see that I’m freezing?”

Then she would stare at him fiercely and retort, “Did I ask you to wait for me, Young Master?”

Xuxu’s slender and fair hand gently caressed each of his white shirts. It was as if she was stroking his face. He could be an occasional jerk but whenever she turned back and saw him frowning and commanding her as though it was his right to do that, she couldn’t help but cave in to his demands.

I must have owed him a debt in a past lifetime , she thought to herself.

She snapped out of her memories and sighed helplessly. She knew it… she should never have come back.

She chose his favorite shirt with sky blue crystal buttons and folded it neatly. She put it in a bag and closed the closet.

She had used too much force when she pulled the door and accidentally opened another as a result.

The other compartment was filled with Yan Rusheng’s suits and trousers. She was about to close the door when her eyes accidentally swept past something. Her expression turned blank and surprise streaked past her bright eyes.

At the same time, it felt as if warm currents were silently flowing from her heart.

You stupid woman. If you can’t drink then don’t. Look at how you’ve puked on yourself, so sloppy and filthy.

I’m warning you, remember to take your filthy clothes away tomorrow. It’s disgusting.

It might be an ability she had acquired over the years, but regardless of how drunk she was, she would always be half-awake.

So every time she was drunk, she would store in her brain what she or others had said to her.

Especially him…