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She had never imagined that she would one day see her clothes together with his in the same closet.

A white blazer and skirt were hanging from a clothes hanger and nestled among his other suits.

Wang Daqin had bought her that outfit from an expensive brand when she first entered the company.

He didn’t mention a thing after the incident and she assumed that he had thrown it away. Hence she didn’t ask him about it.

Xuxu’s arms were propped up against the car window. She looked out and felt the cool night breeze against her face.

She’d never realized that this bustling city had such a beautiful night view.

To be secretly in love with someone meant that even if he accidentally glanced at you from a crowd, you would feel overwhelmed with joy.

“Third Master, I’m truly sorry.”

“Don’t keep standing here, get lost.”

Wen Xuxu held the bag with Yan Rusheng’s shirt and found the specific room he had mentioned earlier.

The moment she opened the door, she could hear Yan Rusheng’s angry voice.

A staff wearing the hotel uniform opened the door; there was a tag on his chest with the title ‘General Manager’.

A young man in his thirties had probably been lectured by Yan Rusheng earlier on as his face was as red as a pig’s liver.

Xuxu greeted him with a brief nod and walked past him.

Once she entered, she spotted Yan Rusheng whose upper body was naked. He was sitting on the couch facing the door and she could see a huge red patch on his back.

Wen Xinyi stood behind him and was applying something on the red patch.

Xuxu became anxious when she saw this and hurried forward. “President Yan, what happened to you?”

Didn’t he say that someone bumped into him? But why was he hurt?

She scrutinized the red patch on Yan Rusheng’s back. It looked like something had scalded him.

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng to reply, Wen Xinyi pouted her mouth and grumbled to her, “We met a mistress fighting with a man’s wife. The mistress accidentally bumped into President Yan with the cup of hot water she was holding.”

Her watery eyes were glistening and she looked like a child.

As she spoke, her hand accidentally trembled. Yan Rusheng twitched his eyebrows in pain. “Ouch…”

He turned to look at Wen Xinyi. “Give the medicine to Wen Xuxu. Go to the restaurant now and call me once the mayor arrives.”

After hearing this, Wen Xinyi was rather unwilling to obey his instructions. Her mouth pouted in resentment.

She looked down at the ointment and then stole a glance at Wen Xuxu. The glance was filled with a staggering amount of hatred.

Xuxu pressed her lips tightly with a wide-eyed expression on her face. Did she assume that she was willing to apply ointment for this young master?

This was definitely a job that would invite nothing but trouble.

She saw Wen Xinyi’s expression and feared that she might start crying again.

After some deliberation, she looked at Yan Rusheng. “President Yan, I’m running out of time so I need to leave now.”

She got ready to leave.

Yan Rusheng frowned and shouted coldly, “Since time is running short then hurry up! What are you waiting for?”

“Uh…” Xuxu’s mouth sank down and she looked helplessly at Wen Xinyi.

Miss, please understand. I’m not doing this of my own volition.

But she noticed how fearful and careful Wen Xinyi had been when she was applying the ointment just now. She thought that if she left, who knows how he would reprimand her.

This young girl had a fragile heart. It would look bad if she decided to run away from the dinner engagement after being reprimanded.

Xuxu pondered for a moment before she reached out to take the ointment from Xinyi’s hand. “Secretary Wen, let me do it, since President Yan has trusted you to receive the mayor alone. Keep it up.”

Wen Xinyi’s eyes lit up brightly with excitement and it seemed as if she’d found a way out of an impossible situation.

Wen Xuxu smiled and blinked her eyes. “Go ahead. I’ve been with President Yan for more than a year and I’ve never received a guest by myself.”