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“President Yan…”

“Wen Xuxu, you…” Yan Rusheng turned his head to glare at Wen Xuxu. He was about to yell at her when he heard Wen Xinyi’s voice outside the room. His eyes gleamed shrewdly for a moment as his mouth curled into a devious smile.

His long arm went around Wen Xuxu’s waist and pulled her towards him. As he’d expected, Wen Xuxu fell and landed on his lap.

Wen Xuxu widened her eyes in shock. She opened her mouth but then couldn’t utter a single word. Yan Rusheng had instantly pressed his lips against hers, sealing them.


Wen Xinyi opened the door with the room card.

“President Yan…”

She entered just in time to witness the scene of Yan Rusheng embracing and kissing Wen Xuxu. Her footsteps and voice ceased spontaneously.

Within a few seconds, her eyes were brimming with tears.

Both of Wen Xuxu’s hands were tightly restrained by Yan Rusheng and her lips sealed. She could only move her legs.

When she saw that Wen Xinyi was about to cry, she stomped her feet impatiently and made ‘ooh ooh’ sounds signaling her violent protests.

This flirtatious womanizer had developed an addiction to kissing her forcibly and had been doing it frequently ever since.

Wen Xinyi was rooted to the spot for some time, yet Yan Rusheng didn’t seem to have any intention of letting Wen Xuxu go anytime soon. Instead, he increased the intensity of the kiss.

“Waah…” At last, Wen Xinyi stomped her feet and ran away in tears.

“Yan Rusheng, you pervert!” Wen Xuxu was overwhelmed with anger and distress as she used all her might to shove Yan Rusheng away. She leaped to her feet and wiped her mouth furiously as she hollered at him, “You’re crazy, why do you keep kissing me?!”

Yan Rusheng spread his hands and his face had an expression that said ‘What I do is how it should be’. “It’s pointless to talk to you nicely so I had to resort to force.”

“Every time you do something for yourself, can’t you take other people’s feelings into consideration?” Wen Xuxu’s eyes were stinging with bitterness.

If he kept this up, she would only sink further and cling to him!

After yelling at him, she grabbed her bag and stomped heavily towards the entrance in a huff.

The second she left the room, she glanced to the left and right but there was no sign of Wen Xinyi anywhere.

Anyway, it was none of her business, so she strode towards the elevator.

Nonetheless, she still had to receive the princess from Country Y’s since it was a part of her job. She needed to separate her private matters from her work so that it wouldn’t affect her professionalism.

She left the hotel and took a deep breath as the cool breeze blew against her. After calming herself down, she set off for the restaurant.

It was rare to see Young Master Yan being yelled at. Not only was he not offended, he was even smiling with satisfaction.

He’d finally managed to provoke Wen Xuxu once again.

There was a slight aftertaste of the kiss in his mouth and he couldn’t help but lick his lips. To his surprise, he was feeling somewhat dissatisfied and longed for more.

He knew that the mayor had arrived when Wen Xinyi came looking for him.

He bent down to reach for the bag Wen Xuxu had brought over. He took out the shirt and unfolded it.

His mood lightened once more when he saw the buttons on his favorite shirt.

He couldn’t deny that the person who knew him best in the entire world was without a doubt Wen Xuxu.

There wasn’t time for him to delve further into his thoughts as he hastily put on his shirt to meet the mayor.

Wen Xuxu reached the restaurant where she was supposed to meet the princess from Country Y. She glanced at the time; there were a few minutes to spare.

When she was in the car, she had requested the chauffeur to switch on the lights so that she could apply some simple makeup. Earlier, she had borrowed cosmetics from a colleague before she ended work.

After applying some color to her lips, she untied her hair. Then she re-styled her hair into a bun for a more refined and elegant look.

She didn’t usually put on makeup but her skills were on par with a makeup professional.