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As they chatted, Xuxu would furtively glance at her watch from time to time.

It had almost been an hour—why wasn’t Yan Rusheng here yet?

She had no idea that after she sat down, a pair of eyes were looking at her and sizing her up from across her seat.

That pair of eyes stayed fixated on her at all times to capture every subtle expression and movement.

As time passed by, the anxious expression on her face became more obvious. The owner of that pair of eyes seemed to have found an opportune moment as he smiled and interjected.

“Secretary Wen, other than cats my mom enjoys playing the piano and dancing too.”

Charles’s deep voice sounded from opposite of her.

Perhaps it was because he had kept silent the whole time, but when he finally spoke, Xuxu turned towards him in surprise.

His lips curled slightly and he nodded at her in a gentlemanly manner.

Next, his gaze landed on Princess Lu Fei. “Mom, I’d like to invite Secretary Wen for a dance. Can you play a song for us?”


This sudden change of topic was unexpected. Just moments ago, they were still talking about cats.

Xuxu felt that she couldn’t keep up.

“Of course,” Princess Lu Fei answered graciously and she stood up. She walked towards the white piano by the window.

“Secretary Wen, may I invite you to dance with me?”

Xuxu barely had time to react before Charles came to her, gracefully extending his hand towards her.

She thought to herself, His mom has already gone up to play the piano, how can I reject?

Tonight’s dinner engagement was extremely important. If she didn’t handle it properly and offended these distinguished guests, Yan Rusheng would most likely swallow her alive.

Anyway, dancing wasn’t too much of a big deal.

“It’s my pleasure.” Xuxu placed her hand in his as she rose elegantly. She walked with him to an empty space in the private room.

Princess Lu Fei began playing the piano and chose a graceful waltz tune.

After she entered the third grade in elementary school, she took singing and dancing classes. She didn’t really excel at dancing but she wasn’t too bad.

Her long white skirt seemed especially fitting for this dance. Every spin made her look like a blooming white lotus.

Her soft body coupled with her agility had pleasantly surprised her dance partner Charles.

He lowered his head to look at her tiny face. Smiling gently, he said, “If I’d known you were a great dancer, I would have invited you earlier. Then you wouldn’t have had to accompany our dear Princess Lu Fei by talking about such a boring topic.”

Hearing what he said, Xuxu raised her head in shock. Her eyes met Charles’s blue eyes, his lips held a faint smile.

It felt as though he’d seen through her thoughts. She smiled guiltily. “Haha, actually cats are quite adorable.”

It had indeed been boring as she wasn’t interested in pets. It was already tough enough to take care of herself, let alone a pet.

When she chatted with Princess Lu Fei earlier on, it had all been a purely high-sounding speech.

Charles slightly raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you think that you’re lovelier than a cat?”

Wen Xuxu could tell that he was flattering her.

She was slightly embarrassed. “Mr. Charles, you’re good at cracking jokes.”

Her fair cheeks blushed with a tinge of red and they resembled a budding flower; beautiful and alluring.

This bashfulness was exclusive to Asian ladies and astonishment flashed past Charles’s eyes as he stared at her. He was momentarily entranced, and thus forgot to move his feet, causing Wen Xuxu to step on him.

He didn’t feel any pain but Xuxu was startled. “I’m sorry for stepping on you.”

She instinctively bowed her head to look at Charles’s feet and he followed suit. “It’s alright since it’s my fault.”