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His hands were holding Xuxu’s slender waist tightly. Like a docile woman, she lowered her head. It looked as though she was deliberately trying to bury her head in his embrace.

The door opened at that moment and a suave and handsome man entered. He saw the situation in the room and his expression froze instantly.

His thick eyebrows knitted tightly together in an instant.

Argh, this damn stupid woman. He’d merely asked her to stall for time, not to be a dance hostess and prance around with men.

That golden-haired man was wearing such a lewd expression—and which part of her was he staring at?

Young Master Yan moved at lightning speed and raced to the couple who were dancing to the tune of a romantic waltz. Without thinking about it, he stretched his hand to grab Wen Xuxu’s slender arm and forcefully pulled her into his embrace.

Then he proceeded to the next logical step by putting his hand around her waist. He looked at the golden-haired guy with a superficial smile. “Mr. Charles, it’s been a while since I last saw you.”

Xuxu was caught by surprise and didn’t even have time to react as she fell into another man’s embrace. Moments later, she heard a familiar voice above her.

She secretly heaved a small sigh of relief but still, she was very uncomfortable being embraced by him in this way.

She wanted to free herself but in light of the circumstances, she resorted to making subtle movements to remind this young master to let go of her.

Stupid woman, didn’t she enjoy being embraced by another man just now? Now that he was the one embracing her, she started acting all coy.

Hmph. He wasn’t going to let her have her way!

Not only did Yan Rusheng not loosen his grip, his arms tightened around her as he maintained his superficial smile.

Charles stole a glance at Wen Xuxu’s waist which Yan Rusheng was tightly holding onto, and a faint and mysterious smile appeared on his face. He responded casually, “President Yan, your secretary is very lovely and pretty.”

He didn’t conceal his admiration for Xuxu and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

This greatly annoyed Young Master Yan and his arm tightened its grip as a result. “Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Charles. Sorry, I’m late.”

He diverted the topic and directed his attention towards Princess Lu Fei who was walking towards them. He nodded politely towards her. “Princess Lu Fei, welcome.”

Princess Lu Fei came up to him with both arms outstretched.

He understood how foreigners greeted each other. And so he had to let Wen Xuxu go and hug Princess Lu Fei as a formality.

“I’m terribly sorry for making you wait so long.” With his apology, the matter was brushed aside and he continued, “Did Secretary Wen manage to give you a proper welcome?”

He walked with Princess Lu Fei towards the dining table as he spoke.

Xuxu walked behind him and she unconsciously glanced at the area on his back with the burn. Her eyes were filled with worry.

She wondered if the blisters had burst and thought how painful it must have been to put on his shirt.


Charles suddenly called her name and she snapped out of her thoughts. She moved her eyes away from Yan Rusheng’s back and towards Charles. “Yes, Mr. Charles?”

“Don’t be so nervous,” Charles reassured her with a smile. “I was just wondering if I can address you as Xuxu?”

Of course, you can’t!

Young Master Yan clenched his hands into fists which were stuffed in his pockets. He frowned once again.

“Of course.”

Argh, this stupid woman was constantly making him worry.

She was always friendly to everyone. From the way this guy had hugged and embraced her, he could tell that this golden-haired guy harbored ill intentions towards her. And in just a few hours, he had successfully gotten close enough to address her directly as Xuxu.