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“Sigh, he’s getting older. I guess you’re the one he’s most worried about.”

Madam Wang spoke in a grave tone and shifted the topic.

“Huh?” Wen Xuxu had a puzzled expression as she looked at Wang Daqin with her mouth full.

She tried being clever by feigning ignorance—she had already understood Wang Daqin’s intentions.

The topic of conversation always revolved around her marriage and happiness.

Wang Daqin said, “You’re 24 years old and your grandfather must be anxious since you’re still single.”

As expected…

Wen Xuxu laughed and replied, “No, he isn’t. He’s as busy as a country’s president and he has no time to be worried about me.”

She lowered her head and ate in silence.

Her eyes were hidden by her long lashes and Wang Daqin couldn’t figure out what was on her mind.

So she decided to bend down as well and peered up to look at her face. “Xuxu, do you have someone in your heart?”

“Huh?” Wen Xuxu raised her head nervously. “Why do you ask?”

Wang Daqin straightened her back and leaned backward. She frowned and looked as if she was dissatisfied with her answer. “So why aren’t you dating anyone? Ah Heng has such desirable qualities and the Ming Family’s second son has expressed his feelings for you. Why did you ignore them?”

What she really wanted to ask was why hasn’t Xuxu considered her youngest grandson? He possessed desirable qualities too.

Wen Xuxu heaved a quiet sigh of relief and smiled foolishly as she scratched her head. “We grew up together just like siblings and I didn’t think too much. Right now, our careers should be prioritized while we’re all still young.”


Xuxu had barely finished her sentence when she heard someone sneering. A towering figure appeared.

“She doesn’t pay attention to others? It should be the other way around.”

Boss Yan walked in with a straight face and looked at Wen Xuxu with disdain and contempt.

He was well aware of Wen Xuxu’s slyness and her ability to hide her real personality in front of Wang Daqin, appearing like a docile bunny instead.

So she had to endure Yan Rusheng’s ‘insults.’

There was no doubt that Wang Daqin was on Wen Xuxu’s side. She threw a dirty look at her grandson. “If you were to be bankrupt and debt-ridden right now, what woman would throw herself at you?”

His personality was the reason why Xuxu didn’t have any feelings for him at all. He’d bullied her since they were young and he was always surrounded by all kinds of women with dubious backgrounds. Why would Xuxu fancy him?

This grandson turned out to be a disappointment despite her efforts all these years.

Wen Xuxu almost burst out laughing.

Madam Wang always had a knack for hitting the nail right on the head.

Yan Rusheng strolled to the other side of Wang Daqin and was about to sit down when he heard what she said. He stopped and gestured towards his face and said in a high and mighty tone, “With my looks alone, I could make a name for myself in the entertainment industry even without Flourish & Prosper as my backer.”

He pointed at his head. “And I possess both wisdom and looks, so women will naturally flock to me.”

He finished his sentence and sat down. He moved the desserts away from Wen Xuxu and stuffed one in his mouth.

Wang Daqin calmly replied, “Then you’d have to sacrifice yourself by offering your body to the old and ugly female directors.”