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She wasn’t in the least bit demure or coy.

Everyone sat down and naturally Wen Xuxu sat next to Yan Rusheng. As usual, she helped him to disinfect his cutlery and cup with boiling water.

Charles sat opposite; his attention was focused on her as he watched her every movement.

Her slender arms were as fair as porcelain and every movement she made seemed so graceful and natural in his eyes.

Young Master Yan had nearly flown off the handle, almost flipping over the table during dinner.

“Wen Xuxu, as a woman don’t you know how to be coy and demure?”

Once they were in the car, Young Master Yan began to chide Wen Xuxu out of frustration.

Xuxu had barely sat down when he abruptly started reprimanding her. She was unable to make heads or tails of it, so she snapped, “Did I do anything wrong?”

How was she not coy and demure? What did she do?

He was really ridiculous.

“You danced with Charles…” Yan Rusheng stopped midway through his accusation. He paused for a bit before he adjusted his tone. He interrogated her with a seemingly strong air of condemnation, “Did you inform Jiang Zhuoheng before you danced with Charles?”

He thought, You’re already attached and you’re still flirting with other guys.

Wen Xuxu was speechless. “…”

The dance itself was actually a pure and beautiful thing. Why had his words transformed it into something that was offensive and shameful?

She retorted in a surly tone. “He isn’t so petty.”

Young Master Yan frowned in displeasure.

Does that mean that he was petty?

He was riled up by her words. “Wen Xuxu, the minute Jiang Zhuoheng came back, your words started growing bolder.”

Before Jiang Zhuoheng came back, she wouldn’t retaliate at all when he lectured her. But now she would argue with him and talk back to him at the slightest thing.

She was like a pet puppy—doing whatever she wanted with her owner backing her up.

“Yes, you’re right. Ah Heng is back so I now have someone to support me. What can you do about it?” Since he insisted on thinking this way, she couldn’t be bothered to correct him. With arms akimbo, she stared fiercely at him with widened eyes. “Young Master, what do you want exactly? Are you looking for trouble?”

Yan Rusheng turned to look at her and he couldn’t help but recall the incident where she had mercilessly walloped him.

She looked exactly like she did back then and had on the same identical expression.

Every time he recalled that incident, he felt humiliated and ashamed. How he wished he could strangle her to death.

History had repeated itself today but he realized that he wasn’t as angry as he’d expected. In fact, he felt that she was quite… adorable!

Cough . It must be an illusion. This stupid woman possessed nothing else but stupidity and clumsiness. She wasn’t in the least bit adorable.

He couldn’t understand what Charles saw in her that made him compliment her for being lovely and pretty. He seriously doubted his aesthetic sense.

“Grandmother asked you to drop by for soup.”

It was rare for Young Master Yan not to be as overbearing as usual. She had assumed that he would yell at her.

The change in topic was really…

Xuxu refused. “I won’t be going, it’s too late.”

Yan Rusheng glanced askance at her and scoffed. He thought in his heart, It doesn’t matter if you go or not, who cares?

“Third Yan, why are you alone? Where’s Xuxu?”

The moment Yan Rusheng came home, Wang Daqin rushed to welcome him. She was wearing floral pajamas and had an ecstatic expression on her face.

“She went home,” Yan Rusheng replied coolly and changed into his slippers. Then he stomped towards the stairs.

“I thought I asked you to invite her over to drink some soup? Why did she go home?” Wang Daqin followed him and nagged him incessantly. “You must have angered her again, didn’t you? I’ve already told you that girls need to be coaxed. Don’t you dare treat Xuxu the same way you treat your ex-girlfriends. If not, I’ll definitely beat you to death.”

Yan Rusheng halted his footsteps, turning around to frown at this old lady. “Why do I need to coax her?”