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He wasn’t out of his mind.

“What nonsense are you talking about, you audacious boy?” Wang Daqin raised her hand in a fit of anger and slapped Young Master Yan on his shoulders forcefully. “You’re the one with the problem and Xuxu didn’t even mind. How dare you act all high and mighty now?”

You were done in less than half an hour and you still dare to put on airs in front of Xuxu.

When she thought of this, worry engulfed the old lady once more. She yelled towards the kitchen. “Aunt Zhang, have you re-heated the soup? Third Yan is back, serve the soup now.”

Yan Rusheng was really curious about this special soup.

The old lady had specifically called him in the afternoon and told him to come home for the soup. And she had called a few more times to remind him repeatedly in the evening.

“Yes, it’s ready.” Aunt Zhang walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of steaming soup in her hands. She smiled happily as she served it to Yan Rusheng. “Third Young Master, the soup is ready to be drunk.”

There were scallions and ginger in the soup and he could smell it from afar.

Yan Rusheng remained motionless and merely peeked at the bowl. Other than the scallions and some slices of ginger in the whitish soup, there weren’t any other ingredients. It resembled a fish soup.

But his instinct told him that this wasn’t an ordinary fish soup. If it was, the old lady wouldn’t have made such a big fuss over it.

“What is this soup?” he asked.

Wang Daqin took the bowl instead and pushed it towards Yan Rusheng’s mouth. “I spent this entire afternoon preparing this soup. Drink more since it’s beneficial to your health. You’ve been overexerting yourself at work recently and you’ve lost weight. It makes my heart ache.”

Yan Rusheng moved his head back and squinted at the soup with dislike.

He tried to retreat, but Wang Daqin extended her hands towards him. “Drink it.”

It was an order.

“Alright.” Yan Rusheng knew that if he didn’t drink the soup tonight, she wouldn’t leave him alone. He received the bowl and drank down the soup in one gulp.

Other than a slightly pungent smell, the taste was relatively good.

In the end, he had to drink that exact soup every night when he got home.

When he questioned her about the soup, her lips remained tightly sealed. All the servants remained secretive about it as well.

After almost a week, Wen Xuxu couldn’t stand it any longer after seeing that the seat next to her was still vacant. She went to Yan Rusheng’s office.

“President Yan, do you want to check on Secretary Wen? She’s been absent from work for days.”

Without beating around the bush, she brought up the issue the moment she entered.

She was back to teach and guide Miss Wen as requested by Grandmother. But why did it feel like she’d been reinstated instead?

If she didn’t bring up this matter and Miss Wen didn’t return, did it mean that she had to continue being his secretary?

Yan Rusheng raised his head and stared at her impassively. He said in an unquestionable manner, “She’s not reporting to work because of you. So before she comes back, you have to fulfill her duties properly as my secretary.”

Young Master, do you think it’s a good idea for you to be so overbearing?

“You’re the one who…” Xuxu wanted to shoot back but she couldn’t verbalize the word ‘kiss’. So she began to stammer, “Y-you just had to provoke her with that method! I tried to advise you but you didn’t care about the consequences.”

She wasn’t bound by a contract so she could leave any time she wants.

But of course… Wang Daqin was the main reason why she couldn’t be so irresponsible and simply leave.

Just like before, unless Yan Rusheng chased her away.

Young Master Yan slammed the table and hollered at Wen Xuxu with a stony expression, “Wen Xuxu, how dare you shout at me in my office?!”