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She had never raised her voice at him in the past.

Young Master, a real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements. Why bother bringing it up?

“President Yan, you… you have a nosebleed!” Wen Xuxu suddenly screamed, her eyes wide with shock. She pointed at Yan Rusheng’s nose and again said, “You have a nosebleed!”

As she screamed, she headed towards Yan Rusheng.

He got a nosebleed? Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows in disbelief. Why would he suddenly get a nosebleed?

He touched his nose gently and saw the blood on his fingers.

Feeling just as startled, Young Master Yan leaped to his feet.

Oh my god! What was happening to him?

Instinctively, he glanced at Wen Xuxu’s chest. She was dressed so conservatively, and furthermore, he had seen her naked before so that couldn’t be the reason. Her figure wasn’t attractive enough to result in a nosebleed.

It was the first time in his life that he had a nosebleed.

What could be the reason?

Yan Rusheng’s nose started to steadily drip with blood.

Seeing this, Wen Xuxu hurriedly pulled some tissues and placed it near his nose. “Raise your head upwards.”

Young Master Yan obeyed and raised his head. And just like a statue, he stood there and allowed Wen Xuxu to help him stop the bleeding.

The disparity in their height was too vast and Xuxu had to tiptoe so that her eye level could reach his nose. But this posture was too exhausting to maintain for long.

“Sit down, I can’t really reach your nose.” She grabbed Yan Rusheng’s arms and pushed him down.

Yan Rusheng sat down and instantly Wen Xuxu felt more comfortable. “Look at yourself. You got a nosebleed because of excessive internal heat. Stop throwing tantrums so frequently.”

As she wiped away the blood, she chided him gently with a faint smile.

Yan Rusheng looked at her eyes as he listened to her. To his surprise, he felt an indescribable peace within himself and a part of his heart began to soften somewhere…

He leaned back so that he was almost lying flat on his back. Xuxu had to bend forward and her slender fingers inadvertently brushed against his skin several times.

His heart started pounding uncontrollably.

Why was he reacting like this? It shouldn’t have happened.

The blood kept dripping endlessly and Xuxu couldn’t stop the flow.

Yan Rusheng’s neck grew stiff and uncomfortable from maintaining the same position. He was about to change into another position to stretch himself.

A slight movement from him and instantly Wen Xuxu spoke in a commanding tone, “Don’t move.”

It was accompanied by her fierce stare.

Young Master Yan’s mouth sunk and he obediently… fell silent.

His head fell back once again.

F*ck. As the saying goes, a man who loses his position and influence may be subjected to many indignities. It was merely a nosebleed and not some incurable illness. Why did he have to listen to her commands?

“Wen Xuxu, you…”

It took him awhile to realize it and he was annoyed. He opened his mouth with the intention to yell at her. At the same time, Xuxu suddenly berated him softly again. “Summer is almost here and your body will accumulate heat more easily. You have to control your temper, look at how much blood you’ve lost.”

After she said her piece, she showed him the tissues which were stained with blood.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes merely skimmed over the tissues before his gaze landed on Wen Xuxu. He looked intently at her bright eyes, her beautifully curled, red lips and slightly raised eyebrows.

For no reason, he could feel his body getting hotter.

Damn it, he was reacting to this stupid woman again.

He quickly averted his gaze elsewhere but Xuxu had bent her back at a sharper angle at the same time. His gaze landed on the depths beyond her slightly open collar.

“Why is the blood flow getting thicker now?” She had almost succeeded at stopping the nosebleed. But strangely, the blood was suddenly spurting out like a flood once again and Xuxu was at a loss.