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“Whitish soup? Pungent? To nourish your body?” Lu Yinan repeated the traits Yan Rusheng had mentioned. He instantly had his answer. “Soft-shelled turtle soup!”

He raised his head and his eyes blazed with excitement. “The old madam gave you soft-shelled turtle soup.”

As he said this, he burst into laughter again.

Of course, he wasn’t going to tell him that there would definitely be other tonics included in the soup.

“Soft-shelled turtle soup?” Yan Rusheng frowned and wondered what that was.

He recalled the soup that Wang Daqin had been feeding him these past few days. So it was soft-shelled turtle soup?

“Cough… cough.” Lu Yinan covered his mouth and stifled his laughter. He spoke in a low voice, “That soup is meant to treat kidney deficiencies and to boost a man’s sex drive… It’s commonly known as a treatment for impotence.”

Oh my god!

Young Master Yan heard Young Master Lu’s words and his hands grabbed his head. He looked at the ceiling in exasperation.

Why are you done so quickly?

You’re the one with the problem and Xuxu didn’t even mind. How dare you act all high and mighty now…

This old lady got the wrong idea about him and that stupid woman!

And she even… even suspected that her grandson was impotent.

Luckily he went to consult Lu Yinan today. If he had continued drinking that soup, he would have died from blood loss.

“Third Yan, I’m curious about the woman you fantasized about in the bathroom. Can you tell me who she is?”

He was really curious and dying to know.

Yan Rusheng leaned back lazily and rested his elbows on the arms of the chair. He supported his forehead with a finger and narrowed his peach blossom-shaped eyes maliciously at the bespectacled and elegant-looking Young Master Lu in his white gown.

Lu Yinan gripped his pen tightly when he caught his eye. Although he was fearful of that malicious and sinister glint in his eyes. He was really… really dying to know.

“Was it that young model who was with you at the club a few days ago?” he persisted bravely.

He would persevere until he reached his goal.

“If the whole country knows that Young Master Lu is a quack…” Yan Rusheng curled his lips coolly and emphasized every word. “Can you guess… what will happen?”

He delivered his threat and grabbed an exquisite vase from the desk, raising it high up in the air.

“Third Yan…”

Lu Yinan opened his mouth but before he could utter another word, he heard the sound of something shattering. The vase had been sacrificed.

The lily in the vase lay quietly on the floor.

Glass shards were scattered everywhere.

“I got it! I’ll keep quiet about the fact that you fantasized about a random woman! Get lost, now!”

The elegant Young Master Lu had lost his temper too. He yelled at Yan Rusheng and pointed at the door.

If he didn’t scram, this whole office would be in danger.

“You should have said so earlier, then I wouldn’t have dropped your vase accidentally.” As he spoke, he stood up to leave.

He glanced at the glass shards on the floor and shook his head in pity.

Lu Yinan was speechless…

If he didn’t leave soon, he’d end up vomiting blood at any minute.

When Yan Rusheng got home that night, Wang Daqin intercepted him at the foot of the staircase with the soup in her hands as usual.

When he saw the soup, he was reminded of that morning’s embarrassing incident and he almost smashed the bowl.

He would definitely not drink the soup anymore but at the same time, he didn’t want to listen to the old lady’s nagging. He took the bowl and brought it upstairs and lied to her, saying that he would drink if after changing his clothes.

After knowing that the reason for his nosebleed was due to the soup, he heaved a sigh of relief.

And luckily… luckily he hadn’t developed an unwanted obsession with Wen Xuxu, that stupid woman.