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For the next few days, he would take the soup upstairs to ‘drink’ it.

“This afternoon, Mrs. Liu from next door complained that our Huang Bao was harassing her Xiao Ke again.”

“Nonsense. My Huang Bao is a purebred, why would it like a scrawny dog?”

“I was perplexed as well. Huang Bao usually plays in the courtyard but it’s been running out in the afternoon these past few days.”

Yan Rusheng came home from work and went upstairs to change. On his way down to the dining room to get some iced water, he could hear Wang Daqin and Aunt Zhang talking about their pet dog ‘Huang Bao’ before he reached the entrance.

He overheard their conversation and halted his footsteps. He held his breath and went upstairs again as quietly as he could.

He had just stepped onto the second floor when a huge, shaggy brown dog came out of his room.

When the dog saw him, it raised its tail immediately and wagged happily. At the same time, the dog raced towards Yan Rusheng.

When it came to him, the dog wagged its tail even more vigorously.

Yan Rusheng looked at the dog with a faint apologetic smile.

“It’s been tough on you.”

Otherwise, he would be the one bleeding from his nose every day whenever he sees that damned woman.

After work, her colleagues bade Wen Xuxu goodbye one after another. She finished packing her bag and rose to leave the office.

Jiang Zhuoheng had gathered their ex-classmates for dinner tonight, including her and Zhou Shuang.

The elevator door opened when it reached the first floor.

There was a towering figure at the entrance and her mouth opened slightly in surprise. “Ah Heng, why did you come here?”

“I’m here to pick you up,” Jiang Zhuoheng replied softly with a faint smile at the corners of his lips.

He wore a light pink shirt paired with gray and white checkered retro pants which ended at his ankles. His outfit was casual yet it exuded maturity.

He strode forward and naturally extended his hand towards Xuxu. “Let’s go.”

Xuxu glanced at her hand which Jiang Zhuoheng was holding and she pressed her lips together. After deliberating for a split second, she tightened her grip around his hand and nodded slightly.

Grandfather did say that Ah Heng was a good man and Xuxu could be entrusted to him for the rest of her life.

Ah Heng, if you’re willing, please give me more time!

They walked out of Flourish & Prosper hand in hand.

A man wearing a white shirt stood on the steps behind them. As he watched the couple leave, he sneered in contempt, “She’s so short, they don’t look compatible at all.”

“Eh? Isn’t that Secretary Wen?”

“Oh, so it is. Who’s that man beside her? He looks so handsome.”

“President Yan.” The female employees were watching and talking about Wen Xuxu and Jiang Zhuoheng. They greeted Yan Rusheng politely as they walked past him and continued talking about the couple.

“The huge difference in height is so adorable.”

“Look, that handsome guy drives a Bentley.”

The two female employees walked further away and Young Master Yan’s eyebrows furrowed tighter.

The huge difference in height is adorable…?

It was the first time he’d heard of this. One was so tall and the other was so petite, in what way did they look adorable?

It didn’t look coordinated at all.

Why are the women behaving like this nowadays? What was so great about driving a Bentley? I have several sports cars in my garage.

Young Master Yan thought haughtily to himself.

His phone rang suddenly and he fished it out. He glanced at the screen and it displayed Ming Ansheng’s name.

He answered the call, “What’s up?”

Ming Ansheng replied, “Third Yan, join us for a gathering tonight.”

Yan Rusheng rejected him without hesitation, “Not going.”