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“Ah Heng’s been back for some time and it wasn’t easy to get everyone together tonight. Are you going to fumble the ball?”

“Do you mean Jiang Zhuoheng will be there?” Yan Rusheng narrowed his eyes as he looked afar. The white Bentley had driven out of the parking lot and was speeding away as Yan Rusheng looked at it.

Ming Ansheng answered him with a yes and his tone carried a hint of disapproval. “So you’ll be letting us down if you don’t come.”

“Alright, I’ll go,” Young Master Yan agreed reluctantly.

The places that they frequented were usually the capital city’s expensive and luxurious bars or clubs.

It would only take a glance across the vast car park to see that it was occupied with cars that were worth millions.

Young Master Yan was usually the most important guest at a party and he was always the last to arrive.

It was no exception this time around. He ate his dinner and showered before heading out. By the time he reached the bar, it was well past eight.

Closing his car door, he strode elegantly towards the entrance of The First Wealth.

Two pretty ushers were overwhelmed with excitement when they saw him and forgot to open the door.

Tonight, The First Wealth was really honored by the presence of some of the most famous and wealthy bachelors in the capital city.

And each was more charming than the one before.

Yan Rusheng ignored the ushers’ infatuated expressions and stretched his hand to open the door himself.

“Hey, Third Young Master.”

The moment he entered, he heard someone calling him.

He turned his head in the direction of the voice. A tall lady dressed in a body-hugging black and white striped dress was heading towards him.

She was wearing high stilettos and as she sauntered forward, her slender waist swayed seductively.

Yan Rusheng watched as the beautiful and voluptuous lady tried to pander to him. But his peach-blossom-shaped eyes displayed a deadpan expression.

When the lady came up to him, he calmly straightened his body. His lips remained tightly pressed with no intention of speaking to the lady.

The beautiful lady stopped about a footstep away from him and her hand which was holding her handbag wound around her own waist lazily. The light eyeshadow enhanced her seductive eyes and she surveyed him in an alluring manner.

“Third Young Master is really heartless. You really meant it when you said you wouldn’t contact me again.”

It sounded like they were close friends teasing each other when they met.

Yan Rusheng curled his lips. “Miss Wu, the entertainment industry is dangerous. Don’t venture on the same path as Ouyang Qingqing.”

The faint smile on his lips turned frosty.

What he hated the most was strangers pretending to be chummy with him, especially women. And specifically, women who doused themselves with strong perfumes.

The beautiful lady turned stiff when she heard him. Her expression had frozen at his coldness.

Before she could react, the towering figure had already left a distance away.

The same path as Ouyang Qingqing… it was a dreaded nightmare for all the celebrities who had ‘dated’ Third Master Yan.

Yan Rusheng, you’ve used so many women and dumped them the minute you were done, all for Fang Jiayin.

How disappointing and anguishing it was!

Xuxu clutched her cellphone and hid in a dark corner until Yan Rusheng was gone. Then she began to walk in the same direction.

Almost everyone had come today and the number of people had exceeded those who attended Jiang Zhuoheng’s farewell party years ago.

All of them were close friends who had played together since they were young. All of them were the young masters and mistresses of wealthy and prestigious families.

Xuxu sat beside Jiang Zhuoheng the entire time. Since she couldn’t drink, Jiang Zhuoheng had been drinking on her behalf for the toasts.

“Xuxu, this can’t go on. We’ve barely started and Ah Heng is already tipsy. How can we continue with the party?”