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A few of them began to raise a ruckus in order to force Xuxu to drink.

Even though Wen Xuxu was witty and smart, she was still considered green when compared to these crafty and shrewd young masters.

She saw that Jiang Zhuoheng was already tipsy. If he continued drinking, he would soon collapse.

She pressed her lips tightly as she hesitated.

Jiang Zhuoheng suddenly stretched out a hand and grabbed her waist. “I’m alright. If I really get drunk, just make sure you send me home.”

The music was really deafening in the private room and he had to inch closer to Xuxu’s ear and raise his voice.

The people who were close to them all heard him.

Someone immediately joined the ruckus and added, “Then you two should get drunk together and we can send the both of you home together. Look how perfect it is.”

He gave his suggestion and everyone burst into laughter.

“Yes, yes, yes. Anyway, it’s the same if we send either one or two. You should both get drunk and we’ll just send the two of you home together. It’s perfect.”

“Yes, yes. It’s perfect.”

Everyone started to chime in.

She was, after all, still a girl and this atmosphere was making her feel awkward. She lowered her head as her cheeks flushed.

Jiang Zhuoheng knew that she was feeling uncomfortable so he raised his head to glare fiercely at Ming Ansheng who had the loudest voice. “Ming Ansheng, you’re already engaged, shouldn’t you go home earlier to sleep instead of talking nonsense here?”

“I’m here because of you, my good friend. I’m concerned that you can’t sleep without a partner so I’m trying to help you.” Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrows meaningfully at Jiang Zhuoheng with an ambiguous smile.

Jiang Zhuoheng aimed a kick at him. “Go away.”

Ming Ansheng was agile and avoided his kick.

Then he turned to look at Wen Xuxu. “Xuxu, if you really don’t want to drink, you have another option.”

Naturally, Xuxu asked him what this ‘option’ was.

Even though she was sure that these guys weren’t going to let her off so easily, she still wanted to know what the alternative to drinking would be.

She felt that any option would be better than letting her drink.

It was because every time she got drunk, both her heart and body would end up hurt!

Ming Ansheng glanced at Xuxu with a sly smile. “If you kiss Ah Heng once, he can be excused from one glass. Since all of us haven’t met in ages, we have to go one round to propose a toast to him. So please count the number of people who are present tonight and that’s the number of kisses you have to give to Ah Heng.”

He had barely finished talking when someone emerged from the crowd and started clapping in support. “I absolutely agree with this idea.”

That voice was sharp, clear and loud.

Xuxu frowned in disapproval and gave a stare to ‘hush’ the owner of the voice.

Yan Rusheng was sitting on the couch at a corner. He supported his forehead with a hand and the other held an exquisite wine glass. Needless to say, he was in a bad mood.

This was the first time he’d felt like he was being snubbed at such a gathering.

But reflecting back on it, it felt like it was always this way at previous gatherings. He would choose a seat and watch the rest of them.

After they had their fun or grew tired, they would then come to him for a drink or two.

But this time, he wasn’t content to just sit at a corner. Unfortunately, no one among that group of rascals managed to take note of his presence tonight.

Especially that female hooligan who had such a loud voice, his eardrums were bursting because of her.

He couldn’t understand why she came back to force her presence on them when the foreign environment was more favorable.

Due to Zhou Shuang’s statement earlier, Young Master Yan’s hatred for her had rocketed and was now off the charts. He could barely control his urge to throw his wine glass at her heavily powdered face.

He’d settle this old debt with her someday.

Feeling frustrated, he gulped down his wine in one go.