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“Oh… that’s great. Continue!”

Suddenly, the sounds of laughter and cheers erupted from the other side of the room.

Yan Rusheng stole a glance in that direction, catching a scene that froze both his actions and the expression on his handsome face.

His fingers unconsciously loosened its grip. The wine glass slipped from his fingers and fell with a loud crash on the floor.

He snapped out of his reverie and glanced at the floor. The dim lighting shone on the glass shards and as they reflected the light, the shards flickered.

To his surprise, he found it extremely annoying.

The shattering sounds of the wine glass had caught everyone’s attention.

Someone quipped jokingly, “Third Yan, why did you smash your glass?”

“F*ck. Which of your eyes saw me smash it?” Yan Rusheng stood up furiously and swore.

His rage frightened everyone and even the music stopped.

What just happened?

Young Master Yan snapped out of his anger and realized that he was going a little overboard.

He cleared his throat. “The old lady kept calling and said that something’s come up at home. I’ll make a move first.”

And without a moment’s hesitation, he immediately marched out of the room.

His footsteps seemed hasty.

Wen Xuxu frowned as she watched him leave. She thought to herself, Why was he throwing a tantrum again?

The old lady said something came up? He was obviously angry.

After Yan Rusheng had been gone for some time, only then did everybody gradually get over his rage.

“Did that guy learn from Xuxu and drink too much by himself?”

Ming Ansheng pointed at the closed door and shook his head in amusement.

Xuxu rolled her eyes silently in her heart. She thought, That young master lost his temper and she still ended up being targeted.

Yan Rusheng headed straight for the washroom and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

The image of Wen Xuxu kissing Jiang Zhuoheng’s cheeks kept replaying in his mind.

She had bashfully closed her eyes.

He couldn’t get rid of the image in his head—it felt like a curse.

It was tormenting him to the point of frustration. He turned on the tap and bent down to splash his face with water.

He must have drunk too much. It had to be.

The moment he stepped out of the washroom, he had the sudden strong urge to drag Wen Xuxu from the private room and send her straight home.

Of course, logic eventually defeated this urge.

Once he got home, he showered and went to bed. That kissing image still haunted him like a curse and he couldn’t sleep.

It should be the most comfortable season of the year but he was sweating from frustration.

The more he forced himself not to think about it, the more he did.

“This is crazy!” Yan Rusheng yelled and swore in frustration. He sat up vexedly and switched on the lights.

He got down and walked towards the sofa. After switching on the laptop which was on the coffee table, he opened a browser.

He recalled Wen Xuxu had said to “Look for Baidu if you have a problem”.

His fine-looking fingers began flying across the keyboard.

‘If you see a woman that you hate kissing another guy and you feel extremely frustrated, what could be the reason?’

His long fingers finished typing and he pressed enter. Answers came tumbling out instantly and it was from a variety of websites.

He chose one randomly and it was from a website called ‘Gossip From The Corners Of The World’.

The person’s description wasn’t identical but he had garnered plenty of replies which had different solutions to his problem.

Young Master Yan deliberated for a second before he decided to write a post too.

The first step was to register an account and he needed a nickname. He casually typed ‘Xuxu’ and the system generated the idiom ‘xuxu rusheng’.