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When he saw the idiom for his nickname, he cursed in his heart.

F*ck. Why did he type that stupid woman’s name?

His brain didn’t seem to belong to him tonight, he had no control over it at all.

In the end, he still used ‘xuxu rusheng’ as his nickname. The excuse he gave himself was that he didn’t want to waste his brain cells thinking of a new one.

‘If you see a woman that you hate kissing another guy and you feel extremely frustrated, what could be the reason?’

He sent the post and sat cross-legged on the sofa. He was waiting for the night owls from all over the world to answer his query.

A short while later, he received a notification.

Young Master Yan excitedly refreshed the page and there was indeed a message.

The first one was from ‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’: Hi Brother, are you an alien?

What was that supposed to mean? Yan Rusheng read the message and he frowned in puzzlement.

He furrowed his eyebrows and replied: What do you mean?

‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’ typed: Obviously, you’ve fallen for her. Don’t TV dramas often have a similar plot involving childhood sweethearts? When they were young, they were at each other’s throats like enemies. But in fact, they had fallen for each other.

“Impossible!” Young Master Yan read the reply from ‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’ and he shouted in disbelief.

How could he have fallen in love with that damned woman? It was absolutely impossible.

He typed agitatedly and replied to ‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’: It’s impossible. That woman is stupid and fierce. In terms of taste and character, I’m way out of her league, alright?

Furthermore, he still had Jiayin in his heart. With regards to her leaving without a goodbye, he was indeed still furious with her. But this had nothing to do with his love for her.

The angrier he was, the more he cared for her, right?

‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’ typed: Young man, I know it’s hard for you to accept the truth right now. I do pity your predicament but… the truth is, you love her. Of course…. I am against you being a third party and breaking up a loving couple.

Bullshit. This is irrelevant. Young Master Yan was livid as he replied to her. Then he closed the laptop with a slam.

He stood up and walked in a huff towards the bathroom.

Third party and loving couple? What kind of nonsense was that?

It made no sense whatsoever and it was impossible for him to have fallen in love with that stupid woman, Wen Xuxu. Not in this lifetime.

The next morning, Xuxu reported to work early. She glanced at Wen Xinyi’s empty seat and sighed helplessly.

She was still absent.

She was depressed at the thought of Wen Xinyi being absent for a week. Yan Rusheng didn’t even bother and furthermore, Wang Daqin wasn’t looking for a replacement.

It didn’t seem right for her to keep staying on indefinitely as a replacement.

Xuxu cursed silently as she walked towards her seat.

She sat down, stored her bag away and switched on the computer.

While she waited for the computer to power up, she played with the furry doll that she’d chucked away at a corner. She pouted and chided herself, “I shouldn’t have promised Grandmother, now I’ve boarded a pirate ship and it’s too late to get out.”

Pirate ship?

Did that mean my Flourish & Prosper is a pirate ship?

Yan Rusheng couldn’t sleep at all last night after what ‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’ had said. So he came to work early that morning.

He was about to brew some coffee for himself. The moment he opened the door, he heard Wen Xuxu complaining to the doll.

His gorgeous face immediately fell and he glared furiously at the furry doll.

“Wen Xuxu, black coffee with no sugar.”

Behind her, Xuxu heard Yan Rusheng’s cold voice and got a shock. She spun around. “President Yan, why are you here so early?”