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The huge difference in height is adorable.

If that statement was true, then if they stood together then their proportions would look adorable as well, right?

“President Yan, is there anything on top of my head?” As Xuxu asked him, she brushed her hair uncertainly.

If not, why was he staring at the top of her head?

“Nothing.” Yan Rusheng snapped back to his senses and shook his head.

A flush was creeping up his handsome face.

Oh my god! How could he have visualized himself with that stupid woman? It’s the fault of that quack and ‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’.

They had brainwashed him. That must be it.

Xuxu was certain that Young Master Yan was feeling troubled today but she also knew that he would never confide in her.

To avoid his wrath, she had better behave herself properly today.

And so she decided to turn a blind eye and instead, gently asked, “President Yan, what would you like to eat?”

“Let’s go out for lunch together.” Yan Rusheng straightened his back as he replied back in a slightly awkward tone.

“Huh?” Xuxu was a little taken aback. She stared at Yan Rusheng with her mouth hanging open. She asked uncertainly, “President Yan, did you just say you wanted to head out for lunch?”

She had worked at Flourish & Prosper for over a year. Other than heading out for lunch for work purposes, he had never dined out during lunchtime before.

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at her coldly. “Yes, is there a problem?”

“Let’s head out then.” Xuxu instantly held her tongue.

She thought to herself, It’s getting harder to figure out what he’s thinking these days.

Both of them entered the elevator and exited side by side. As they were leaving through the main doors of the building, Yan Rusheng suddenly recalled how Jiang Zhuoheng held Wen Xuxu’s hand yesterday when they left through these doors together.

They were holding hands as they walked towards the setting sun…

Right now, Xuxu was standing at a lower step and she was facing the bright sun. She was lovelier than a flower…

He was startled by his thoughts and immediately put a stop to it. His long legs began to hastily stride forward as he walked ahead of Xuxu.

This whole district was crowded with office buildings and naturally, there were a variety of restaurants downstairs which ranged from Western to Chinese cuisines.

Yan Rusheng shot forward like an arrow and it seemed as though he had found his target. Thus she didn’t ask and simply trailed behind him.

“Wen Xuxu, any recommendations?” Young Master Yan suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around to face Xuxu.

She was flabbergasted! So he didn’t know where he wanted to go this whole time.

Xuxu’s legs were sore so she was feeling a little grumpy. She’d trusted him, yet he was asking her to recommend a restaurant instead.

She could only chide him in her heart and didn’t dare to display her discontent. “President Yan, what do you feel like eating?”

Yan Rusheng didn’t answer and he raised his head. He saw a Chinese restaurant right in front of their eyes and without hesitation, he walked in.

It was lunchtime and the whole restaurant was crowded.

At that moment, he began to regret his decision to head out for lunch.

Wen Xuxu followed him and entered. “President Yan, let’s find a table before we order.”

As she said this, her eyes were darting around looking for an empty table.

“Over there.” She saw an empty table and pointed at it happily. “Let’s go.”

It was a tiny space.

She rushed forward in the direction of the table and Yan Rusheng stared at her back with a brooding expression.

He thought, If Fang Jiayin were here, she would tell him softly, ‘Ah Sheng, it’s too crowded here, let’s go somewhere else’.

Yes, they were both similar as they disliked crowded and noisy places. She would never raise her voice at him even if they had an argument. All she did was look at him with watery eyes and perhaps cry while saying that he’d bullied her