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“I was afraid that you’d mind,” Xuxu replied casually and continued eating without batting an eyelid.

Yan Rusheng felt a rush of indescribable emotions when he heard her. He gave a sideways glance at Xuxu’s tiny face as he tried to probe further. “Why are you afraid that I’d mind?”

His sparkling eyes held a subtle trace of expectation.

“Didn’t you mind ever since we were kids?” Xuxu raised her head to look at the man opposite her as she blinked her shining black eyes. Her mouth was full of food, and her cheeks were bulging. She looked adorable.

Young Master Yan’s heart softened, and he couldn’t help but curl his lips. He softly replied, “Just eat.”

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

That guy had just smiled at her?

That smile was like a blooming flower in spring, and it tugged at her heartstrings.

Throughout the entire meal, the two of them faced each other and were secretly surprised by one another.

They were used to treating each other with animosity. They both felt awkward when their interactions became pleasant.

On their way back, Wen Xuxu walked in front of him and kept a one-meter gap in between her and Yan Rusheng.

He stared at her back as he recalled what ‘Big Sister From The Ends Of The World’ and the expert had said. His gaze became brooding as a result.

‘You have fallen for her…’

‘You have fallen for her…’

These words were etched firmly in his mind like a curse. He thought of the strange emotions and reactions he had developed for her during this period, and he too began to suspect…

But this wasn’t logical at all. He clearly loathed her, and furthermore, he liked girls who were gentle and delicate like Jiayin.

Had he really fallen for her after all these years?

If that were true, that would be too embarrassing and terrible to hear.

He had to destroy this budding thought as soon as possible before it gets too obvious or someone else gets wind of it.

His black Mercedes S600 reached the mansion, turned into the courtyard and stopped.

He opened the door, got off the car and slammed the door shut.

With heavy footsteps, he walked into the house.

“Wang Daqin, don’t try to send me away with all this superficial talk! I’ve already notified you in advance. The moment you agreed to let Xinyi enter Flourish & Prosper, the marriage between the two families was more or less confirmed. Why is Yan Rusheng acting in that way? Are you doing this on purpose to make things difficult for Xinyi?!”

Once Yan Rusheng reached the entrance, he could hear an old man shouting inside the house.

He hurried towards the door and glanced in the direction of the sofa. He frowned in annoyance and the expression in his eyes revealed impatience and dislike.

Old Grandpa Ming was facing the old lady with an unhappy expression.

Beside him was Wen Xinyi, and Yan Rusheng’s look of impatience and dislike was directed at her as well.

He thought he had expressed his intentions clearly and assumed that she’d understood the message when she hadn’t turned up for work these past few days.

This young lady really isn’t likable at all.

“I’ll talk to him when he comes back, and of course, I’ll make him answer to Xinyi.” Wang Daqin knew they were in the wrong and so her usual shrewdness had vanished as she talked to Ming Zhongsheng.

In her heart, she was actually overwhelmed with delight and excitement.

Wen Xinyi said that Third Yan had been kissing Xuxu half-naked in the hotel.

She had no idea that the two kids had already progressed to this stage. And this old lady had been completely in the dark.

“Grandpa Ming.” Yan Rusheng changed his shoes and put on a smiling expression as he walked towards the sofa.

Wen Xinyi raised her head after hearing his voice, her eyes sparkling. She could hardly contain her excitement in that instant.