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As Wen Xinyi watched the towering figure walking closer, her eyes showed a mixture of complex emotions.

How could she not have fallen for such an outstanding man?

Ever since she understood grandfather’s intention, she had been praying fervently that she could be with him soon.

She shared the same assumption her grandfather did—once she entered Flourish & Prosper, it meant that Yan Rusheng had accepted her.

She had overlooked the fact that he’d had countless scandals before, but… but he had actually kissed his ex-secretary in a hotel room while she was with him.

She knew that it was because the woman was too scheming. That woman had deliberately lured her away so that she could seduce Yan Rusheng.

But she wouldn’t let Xuxu get her way. Just like her grandfather had said, she had taken this step, and she couldn’t back down so easily.

That woman was just a girl whom Grandmother Yan had pitied and had adopted her when she was young. She wouldn’t lose to Xuxu in either qualifications or appearance.

Furthermore, she far surpassed Xuxu in terms of family background.

Yan Rusheng walked towards Wang Daqin and sat down beside her. On the surface, he wore a faint superficial smile. Beneath that smile, his feelings were cold and aloof.

He had no qualms about dropping the smile on his face as he looked at Wen Xinyi. His tone sounded almost condescending. “Miss Wen received an excellent education from a young age. Didn’t you know that you need to apply for leave if you’re going to be absent from work? Or officially tender your resignation before leaving?”

He straightened his back, his expression deadpan.

“I haven’t settled the score with you yet, how dare you play the blame game with such audacity and confidence!” Ming Zhongsheng pointed at Yan Rusheng, and his face was ashen.

“Grandfather Ming, you’re getting on in years. You shouldn’t get agitated so easily.” He faced Ming Zhongsheng and resumed his usual indolent attitude. Putting his arm around Wang Daqin’s shoulders, he continued casually, “Look at our Old Madam Yan, her vigor and complexion have returned to her youthful days.”

Wang Daqin elbowed him after hearing this. She scolded him even though she didn’t really mean it, “This child can never be serious.”

But she was thinking smugly in her heart, ‘Indeed, her ideal granddaughter-in-law would soon be marrying into their family, and naturally, a great-grandson would be on the way too.’ It caused her to smile in her sleep so of course her complexion would be radiant, and she’d be filled with energy.

‘Bang!’ Ming Zhongsheng slammed the coffee table forcefully. “The reason I lost my temper was because this wretched fellow has infuriated me. In what way is my Xinyi lacking? And you had to humiliate her in that way?”

He recalled how Xinyi had come home looking so aggrieved and told him what had happened at the hotel, and he could barely stop himself from smashing Yan Rusheng with a cup.

If it were Lu Yinan or Xu Ming or any other person, he would definitely have done so.

But towards Yan Rusheng, he did have his reservations.

He knew Yan Rusheng too well. Even though he always had a smile on his face, he was, in fact, the most arrogant and ruthless among those kids.

So if he wanted to take advantage of his seniority, he had to make sure he grasped and handled the matter well. If he didn’t, he might not be able to back down gracefully.

“Grandfather Ming, could you please explain?” Yan Rusheng replaced his smile with an innocent expression as he faced Ming Zhongsheng.

Ming Zhongsheng interrogated him. “What’s happening between you and your ex-secretary?”

Yan Rusheng’s expression changed subtly, and his superficial smile was now tinged with mockery. “Grandfather Ming, why are you suddenly interested in my private affairs?”

“Third Yan, don’t you try to play tricks and feign ignorance in front of me. Your grandmother and I have come to an agreement. We confirmed the arranged marriage between the two families the minute you agreed to let Xinyi enter Flourish & Prosper. I’ll overlook your previous ‘glorious achievements’, but from now on, you need to be faithful to Xinyi. This concerns the reputations of both families.”