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Feeling impatient with Yan Rusheng’s antics, Ming Zhongsheng bluntly stated what was on his mind.

He knew clearly that each new generation would surpass the previous one. He would be overestimating his own capabilities if he chose to play a game of wit or tried to exchange words with the young generation.

Especially with the third grandson of the Yan family.

“Arranged marriage?” Yan Rusheng pretended to be shocked. “What arranged marriage? Why wasn’t I informed?”

He turned to look at Wang Daqin.

Wang Daqin was shrewd, and she knew how to act in tandem with her grandson to help him get out of this fix.

She decided to push all the blame onto herself. “Third Yan, this is all my fault since I didn’t tell you beforehand. At your age, you should be getting ready to settle down. Xinyi is a nice girl, so I’ve discussed with Grandfather Ming about the arranged marriage in private.”

After she finished speaking, she paused. Then she reproachfully hit Yan Rusheng the head. “Why are you dating Xuxu in secret? If you told me earlier that you two were in a relationship, why would I bother to look for a girlfriend for you?”

Both her tone and actions were brimming with affection for her grandson.

Naturally, Wen Xinyi didn’t understand her.

However, Ming Zhongsheng wasn’t a fool. He understood Wang Daqin’s words and her intentions. His face fell as he questioned her, “Wang Daqin, what do you mean?”

Wen Xinyi was getting anxious too.

Wan Daqin was obviously trying to renege on her promise.

Wang Daqin chuckled in response. “Old Ming, what could I possibly mean? Our efforts would go to waste if the two kids can’t get along. It’s not as if the marriage is for us, don’t you agree?”

At her words, Ming Zhongsheng’s wrinkled face flushed a crimson red.

He straightened his back and glared at Wang Daqin. He spoke sternly, “Wang Daqin, you aren’t getting any younger. Shouldn’t you know how to discern the severity of the matter?”

Wang Daqin cackled. “Sigh, what age are we living in now? Don’t be so uptight and old-fashioned. I’m merely stating an example, and you’ve gone red.”

She’s proved herself to be the Wang Daqin of the Yan family. Despite her age, her craftiness remains unchanged.

Yan Rusheng stifled his laughter as he thought to himself.

After being mocked in his advanced age, Old Grandfather Ming’s pitch became higher as he tried to cover his awkwardness and embarrassment, “The matter between the two kids has been settled. Old Lu and the rest were already informed, and we can’t change this.”

Wang Daqin deliberated for a minute before she suggested, “Old Ming, how about this? Let Xinyi continue to work at Flourish & Prosper for a period of time so that the two kids can try spending time together. At the same time, Xinyi can use this opportunity to learn and improve. If there are still no sparks between them, I’ll announce Third Yan as the one with a problem, and Xinyi rejected him as a result. What do you think?”

It would be best if all the women in the world know that Third Yan is ‘handicapped’ in that area. Then they could all leave him alone, and Xuxu wouldn’t have to worry about him being seduced away.

Ming Zhongsheng hesitated for a long time after he heard her suggestion. He finally gave a grudging nod. “Sounds alright.”

But he continued to state another condition, “But you have to make Wen Xuxu leave Flourish & Prosper.”

The moment he finished talking, the Yan grandparent and grandchild answered differently.



Yan Rusheng’s voice was louder than Wang Daqin’s, and his tone was unyielding.

Without any hesitation, he had answered decisively.

“Hmph!” Ming Zhongsheng looked at Yan Rusheng as he scoffed coldly, “Third Yan, don’t push your limits.”

Yan Rusheng said deliberately, “Miss Wen is a dignified young mistress, so it’s beneath her status to be my secretary to run errands and make me coffee. If she wants to take the opportunity to learn, I can pull some strings and arrange for a position that isn’t too taxing for her at Flourish & Prosper.”