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This should be enough to uphold the Ming family’s reputation.

The atmosphere began to freeze, and Wang Daqin was delighted yet worried.

She was delighted that Third Yan had taken Xuxu’s side, yet worried that he might really fall out with Ming Zhongsheng. After all, he was still his elder, and they had been family friends for generations. Furthermore, they had business dealings with each other.

There were too many connections to take into consideration. If they really clashed because of this, neither family would benefit from it.

She decided to interrupt to ease the tension. “This sounds feasible too. Our Third Yan is very picky—being his secretary isn’t an easy job.”

She pondered and continued. “How about we send Xinyi to the PR department? The position of the deputy director is still vacant.”

She looked at Yan Rusheng; it wouldn’t work if he disagreed.

Yan Rusheng remained silent, his expression cold.

That meant he agreed. The old lady smiled and turned to Wen Xinyi. “Xinyi, the PR department represents our company’s image. And there will be plenty of opportunities to interact with the President. Is this alright with you?”

If she were a smart girl, she would react tactfully in this situation by agreeing.

Wen Xinyi wasn’t very willing, but she wasn’t that dumb either. She nodded her head gently.

Her hands which were placed on her knees were clenched tightly into fists as she tried to suppress her grievances.

The deputy director of the PR department—it sounded somewhat fair to his granddaughter. Most importantly, she had already agreed, and so Ming Zhongsheng fell silent.

“Then that’s settled. Third Yan, you’d better take care of Xinyi at work in the future.” After Ming Zhongsheng had instructed him coldly, he stood up and told Wen Xinyi, “Xinyi, let’s go.”

Wang Daqin rose instantly and grabbed Ming Zhongsheng by his arm. “Old Ming, let’s have dinner together before you leave. The kitchen is preparing it right now.”

Ming Zhongsheng sneered coldly and flung her hand away. “No, it’s alright. I can’t afford to eat your precious rice.”

He knew clearly in his heart that her suggestion of finding a suitable position and letting the two kids interact was made out of consideration of their relationship. That way, he would have a way to retreat without losing face.

But this wasn’t what he’d come for today. His main motive was to confirm the arranged marriage in one way or another.

But no matter how relentless and fierce Ming Zhongsheng tried to appear, he was counterattacked effortlessly the minute this young kid came back.

If they had dinner together, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t flip the table if he didn’t manage to swallow this insult.

Wang Daqin’s mouth twitched before she smiled once again. “Old Ming, what are you talking about? It’s rare for you to drop by and dinner is almost ready. How could you leave without eating?”

Ming Zhongsheng snorted. “Wang Daqin, you’ve been using your brain your entire life, shouldn’t you take a break? Isn’t it tiring to keep using it?”

Did she really think that he was a fool?

Wang Daqin was deflated. “Alright, alright. Go ahead and leave then.”

After walking Ming Zhongsheng and his granddaughter out of the house, Wang Daqin returned in high spirits. Yan Rusheng was about to head upstairs.

She stopped him hurriedly. “Third Yan.”

Yan Rusheng paused, turning around to look at her puzzledly.

“Call Xuxu to come over for dinner.” Wang Daqin spoke as she walked.

Yan Rusheng frowned. “Why are you asking her to come when it’s so late?”

This silly boy. If it’s late, then she can stay over for the night.

She wanted to know if the soft-shelled turtle soup was really working since he’d been drinking it for days. But Xuxu hadn’t popped by to stay for the night, and he hadn’t stayed out either. The effects were worrying indeed.