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Chapter 148: If You Can’t Finish, You’re Not Allowed To Sleep

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“I miss her. Give her a call!” Wang Daqin commanded him.

What are these two kids trying to do?

The moment they got off the bed, they seemed to turn into enemies at the mere mention of the other’s name.

A tinge of bitter sorrow surfaced in the old lady’s eyes. If this carried on, when will she be able to have her great-grandchild?

“Alright,” Yan Rusheng answered half-heartedly and went up the stairs.

Wang Daqin stared intensely at her grandson’s aloof and cold-looking back and then sighed heavily.

Looks like she needed to do something drastic!

Yan Rusheng finally made it to his room after a long and exhausting day. After showering, he changed into a set of comfy loungewear and lay on his bed.

He accidentally caught sight of the photo frame by the head of his bed, and his gaze lingered on the photo.

In the photo, a gentle girl with shoulder-length hair was smiling at him.

She stood on the university campus field wearing a bright red t-shirt which made her beautiful face even more alluring.

He reached out slowly to take the photo frame. As he stared at the girl in the photo, his eyebrows furrowed depressingly.

“Yan Rusheng, you have no guts.”

“Yan Rusheng, you can’t tell good from bad!”

The image of Wen Xuxu’s fierce face suddenly materialized, and his heart jolted as a result.

Why was he reacting this way?

How could he think of that stupid woman while looking at Jiayin’s photo?

He raised his hand to touch his forehead. Was he gravely sick?

At that moment, his cellphone rang from the drawer.

The familiar ringtone broke up his anxious thoughts, and he slid out of his bed to get his cellphone. He casually tossed the photo frame into the drawer.

Then he closed it.

He took out his phone and saw the name ‘Stupid Woman’ on the screen. To his surprise, he was a little excited and couldn’t wait to pick up her call right away.

But he resumed his usual nonchalant and cold tone when he answered. “Why did you call?”

Wen Xuxu responded over the phone, “Grandmother said you were looking for me?”

Indeed, that old lady never stops until she reaches her goal.

Young Master Yan thought to himself helplessly, and his tone unconsciously softened, “Nothing much, we’ll talk tomorrow in the office.”

By this time, he had already walked to the window as he admired the beautiful night scenery. He was unexpectedly worried that his attitude might make her angry, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight.

Young Master Yan’s expression turned grave as he thought. ‘It’s over, I’ve been poisoned by this stupid woman.’

How could Miss Wen, who was on the other line, have any idea how complicated this young master’s feelings were right now?

She lightly replied, “Alright then.”

It was clear from her tone that she was about to hang up.

A sudden impulse coursed through him, and Yan Rusheng asked nervously, “Are you going to sleep now?”

She didn’t notice his nervousness as she grudgingly complained, “Young Master, your secretary left me with so much work to follow up. I’ve been working overtime at home for a week. How can I sleep early?”

“Then hurry and complete them. If you can’t finish, you’re not allowed to sleep.” Young Master Yan continued being haughty and hung up without another word.

During dinner, he kept staring at the dishes, seemingly preoccupied with his thoughts.

Concerned, Wang Daqin asked, “Third Yan, are you alright?”

Yan Rusheng recovered himself and shook his head guiltily. “Nothing.”

“Sigh, I thought Xuxu would be here. I prepared her favorite spicy pickled fish. In the end, that girl didn’t turn up.”

The old lady looked at the spicy pickled fish in disappointment.