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“Hmph!” Yan Rusheng grunted in contempt. “I’ll feed Huang Bao instead!”

Ignoring Wang Daqin’s exclamations, he stood up and grabbed the spicy pickled fish. He left the dining room and went upstairs.

He went around looking for Huang Bao, but it was nowhere in sight.

Thus he went back to his room and left the fish on the coffee table…

Young Master Yan was really ill, seriously ill. He closed his eyes as he lay in bed, but even after tossing and turning, he still couldn’t fall asleep. It was just like yesterday.

The smell of the spicy pickled fish pervaded the air.

He opened his eyes and sat up. After switching on the light, he stared at the fish.

‘I’ve been working overtime at home for a week. How can I sleep early…’

Wen Xuxu’s complaints echoed in his ear, and he instantly turned his head to glance at the clock. It was barely 11 p.m.

He suddenly made an important decision in his heart. He stumbled out of bed and went downstairs, casually getting a huge black plastic bag before going back to his room. He stuffed the spicy pickled fish inside.

He carried the bag downstairs.

The servants were all asleep, and only the living room was dimly lit.

Yan Rusheng crept towards the main door.

“Third Young Master, did you enter the kitchen just now?”

Aunt Zhang’s voice sounded behind him, and Young Master Yan was startled. He almost flung the bag away out of nervousness.

He turned around and said in denial, “It wasn’t me.”

“Young Master, where are you going at this time of night?” Aunt Zhang walked towards him, and she eyed the bag he was holding with suspicion. “What’s that in your hand?”

“Trash.” Yan Rusheng gripped it tightly and retreated, his expression looked guilty. “I couldn’t sleep so I wanted to take a stroll and throw the trash while I’m at it.”

Aunt Zhang understood and nodded. “Sigh. Nowadays young people like you are under massive pressure, so it’s easy to have insomnia. Don’t take too long, it can be quite chilly outdoors.”

“Yeah, I got it. Go ahead and sleep first.” Young Master Yan was getting impatient and waved his hand at Aunt Zhang. He left the house with the bag and walked in the direction of the garage.

Wasn’t he going for a stroll? Why is he heading for the garage?

Aunt Zhang was wondering to herself when the familiar Mercedes S600 swooshed past before her eyes.

Why did he lie that he was taking a stroll when he was clearly going for a spin?

The black Mercedes S600 stopped outside Xuxu’s apartment. The handsome guy sat in the car and raised his head to peer at the apartment on the seventh floor. The lights were still on.

He was feeling vexed and started to question himself. ‘Why did he come here with a plate of damned spicy pickled fish?’

This decision was too insane.

But he was already here, so wouldn’t it seem crazier if he didn’t go up?

He deliberated for a while before he grit his teeth and got down from his car. He went to the front passenger seat to grab the fish.

After locking the car doors, he strode towards the lift.

He pressed Xuxu’s apartment number on the video screen. When his face appeared on the screen, Wen Xuxu thought she saw a ghost and shrieked. “Are you Yan Rusheng?!”

If he isn’t Yan Rusheng, who else can it be?

Did she think that it would be Jiang Zhuoheng?

At the thought of it, Young Master Yan was utterly perturbed. “It’s only been a few hours since you last saw me and you can’t recognize me? Hurry and open the door.”

The electronic door opened and he went in. One hand was holding the bag with the fish, and the other was clenched into a fist.

Wen Xuxu stood at the door and opened it immediately when she heard him knock.

The towering figure appeared before her, along with an intense aura that surrounded him. And… the smell of spicy pickled fish.

She stared at his good-looking face which was looking rather gloomy. He seemed to be in a bad mood, and so she hesitantly asked, “President Yan, why are you here?”