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She was wearing pink cartoon pajamas, and her hair was tied in a bun. Her bright-looking eyes were slightly red and watery probably due to sleepiness.

She looked adorable yet a little pitiful at the same time.

As Yan Rusheng looked at her, he had an overwhelming urge to give her a hug and protect her.

But he regained his rationality almost immediately. “Fish. The old lady asked me to bring it.”

With his eyebrows slightly knitted, he passed her the huge plastic bag. He looked extremely impatient and unwilling.


Xuxu peered at the plastic bag and realized that it was a huge trash bag.

“What fish is this?” She took the plastic bag and mumbled in confusion to herself as she opened it.

After she realized what was inside, she raised her head in shock. “Spicy pickled fish?”

Why did the old madam ask him to bring the fish in a trash bag?

“You’ve already seen it, so why are you still asking so much?” Young Master Yan retorted impatiently and entered the house. Without removing his shoes, he went towards the sofa.

After Xuxu closed the door, she held the fish in her hands and walked to the sofa too. She left the plastic bag on the coffee table and took the fish out.

The spicy pickled fish looked good, but…

She stole a glance at the big trash bag, and she felt rather depressed.

Why didn’t she put it in a proper container instead of using a trash bag? Was the old madam trying to test her appetite?

Yan Rusheng saw her staring at the fish with her eyebrows furrowed, looking as if she despised it.

He abruptly flared up, “Aren’t you eating?”

He had specially made a trip in the middle of the night—how could she despise the fish?

“Yeah,” Xuxu said. “I’ll get a pair of chopsticks.”

She rose and went to the kitchen, but she was swearing at him in her heart. It’s just some fish, why is he losing his temper again?

Even though the fish in the trash bag looked unappetizing, but she had to admit that it tasted great since it was cooked by Aunt Zhang.

Xuxu heartily enjoyed the fish. Aunt Zhang had added plenty of chilies as she liked it spicy.

She couldn’t stop herself from eating even though she protested that it was too spicy. Beads of perspiration began rolling down her sharp nose.

Her plump face was already crimson red due to the spiciness.

Yan Rusheng lay sprawled on the sofa with a hand supporting his head. He lazily watched her as she ate, and a smile of satisfaction and contentment appeared on his face.

His mood was exceptionally good at the moment. He wasn’t feeling frustrated, and neither was he agitated.

There was a wonderful feeling inside of him, and he even thought that it would be perfect if time could stop at this moment.

He lifted his hand slowly and placed it on his chest where his heart is.

What should he do… It seems like he’d really fallen in love with this stupid woman.

This bothersome and alluring woman.

“President Yan, aren’t you heading back soon?” Xuxu was almost done eating when she suddenly thought of Yan Rusheng. She turned her head towards him and asked uncertainly.

She was slightly startled. “President Yan, what are you doing?”

Was his heart feeling unwell? Why does he have an ‘I’m dead’ expression while clutching at his heart?

Yan Rusheng immediately put down his hands and snapped out of it. He answered casually, “The car ran out of fuel.”

He didn’t give it much thought when he blurted that out.

He had no idea why he’d spun such a lie. But by the time he realized it, the deed was already done.

It was quite impossible for Young Master Yan to drive a car that was low on fuel. Even though Xuxu didn’t quite believe it, she didn’t have any reason to doubt him as well. If not, why would he lie saying that the car was out of fuel?

She concluded that he was telling the truth; his car had indeed run out of fuel.

“Then what are you going to do?” she asked.