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Young Master Yan surveyed Xuxu’s tiny living room and said reluctantly, “Although your apartment is a little too small and dirty for my liking, I’ll have to put up with it for tonight.”

Xuxu overlooked his criticisms towards her apartment and focused on the crucial piece of information. She screeched in horror, “You’re staying at my place?!”

Did she hear wrongly?

Yan Rusheng straightened his back and looked at her in disdain. He responded coldly, “Don’t feel flattered by my presence. I’ll ask Aunt Zhang to disinfect my clothes tomorrow when I get home.”

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

Young Master, you’re too narcissistic!

“It’s a small issue, so can’t you just call the chauffeur to send you home?”

Since he despised her tiny apartment, then he should hurry up and get lost!

Even if he didn’t, she wasn’t going to allow him to stay for the night.

Since she had made up her mind, there shouldn’t be any unnecessary entanglements between them. She didn’t want to disappoint herself and Ah Heng as well.

He was rejected. He was unexpectedly rejected.

Young Master Yan’s ego was seriously bruised. He stood up and glowered at Wen Xuxu. “Wen Xuxu, I’m just kidding with you. Did you really think that I would lower myself by staying at your dog kennel for the night?”

Your house is a dog kennel, not mine!

Xuxu berated him in her heart and then she said nonchalantly, “Let me send you downstairs.”

She already knew this; how could he possibly stay at her house? Not mentioning the capital city, even if Young Master Yan was overseas and wanted to go home, he could do so immediately.

How could he be trapped just because his car had run out of fuel?

If she were Fang Jiayin, he might have made up an excuse to stay for the night. But she wasn’t Fang Jiayin.

Young Master Yan became despondent once more, even more then when he arrived.

Of course, he wouldn’t speak nicely to her after all that had happened. He snapped back, “It’s not as if I can’t take the lift myself. Why do I need you to send me off?”

He strode towards the door, opened it and promptly left.

The door shut violently with a loud slam, and Xuxu’s tiny body gave an involuntary jerk.

What’s wrong with him now?

She stared at the door that Yan Rusheng had just violently slammed, and she blinked in confusion. She just couldn’t understand why the Third Young Master had lost his temper.

“Seems like he’s going through menopause,” she muttered softly and turned around to look at the remains of the fish. She grew even more perplexed.

How did Grandmother manage to convince him to send the fish in the middle of the night?

If he knew this was going to happen, he wouldn’t have chosen to make the trip. He didn’t manage to get anything out of it, and he was even scorned by that stupid woman.

Young Master Yan berated himself, thoroughly regretting his decision. He sped all the way back home.

That night, he suffered from insomnia again.

He didn’t sleep well for two consecutive nights, and as a result, his face looked a little pallid.

After Xuxu brewed the coffee, she sent it to him. He didn’t acknowledge her presence and just kept his head lowered. Thus, she didn’t say anything as well after placing it on his desk.

She turned around and left quietly.

Yan Rusheng lifted his head just in time to see her disappearing from his office. An unfathomable expression started to fill his deep and wicked-looking eyes.

She still loathed and despised him, just like she did when she was young.

If… he was just thinking what if the day really comes, and he loved her like what that quack had described? To the extent that he would end up in agony—what should he do?

While Jiang Zhuoheng was away, she hadn’t developed any feelings for him. Now that Jiang Zhuoheng had returned, it was nearly impossible now.

She only had Jiang Zhuoheng in her heart and eyes. And he’d always thought that he would only love Fang Jiayin.

Regarding this, he had lost to her again.