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Three years had gone by, and she was still steadfast in her love. However, he… had wavered.

He had no idea when he’d started to waver. He only knew that Wen Xuxu had entered his heart, even to the point that he felt nothing when he thought of Jiayin.

He had no idea how far away his current feelings were from that quack’s description; to feel agony and grief if he ever lost her.

He was determined not to sink any deeper. He had lost once in love—he would never allow himself to lose a second time.

Just like yesterday, Yan Rusheng didn’t look for her in the morning. When it was lunchtime, she was about to go to his office when her cellphone rang.

It was Wang Daqin.

She answered, “Grandmother.”

“Xuxu, come over for dinner tonight. And you’re not allowed to refuse,” Wang Daqin ordered her loudly.

Xuxu smiled and replied, “Alright, if not you’ll have to send me a plate of fish again.”

She couldn’t disappoint the old lady every time.

And she needed to talk about her replacement. She would urge the old madam to make a decision, whether they had to look for a new one or to get Wen Xinyi back.

She wanted to leave as soon as she could.

Wang Daqin questioned her doubtfully, “I sent you a fish? What fish?”

Wen Xuxu clarified, “It was already so late yesterday, and you still made President Yan send the fish to my place.”

This old lady’s memory seems to be failing; it only just happened yesterday.

Wang Daqin was surprised. “Huh? Third Yan said that he was going to feed it to the dog?”

In a split second, Xuxu’s pretty face turned darker than the bottom of a saucepan.

She clenched her hand on the table, curling it into a tight fist. She increased her strength until the veins on the back of her hand were about to pop out.

Yan Rusheng, you just wait!

In the restaurant…

“Miss Wen, your food is ready. It’s 500 yuan.” The young waiter placed the takeaway bags in Xuxu’s hands and smiled puzzledly. “Why did you order only ribs today?”

Yes, Secretary Wen had ordered sweet and sour pork ribs, white gourd with pork ribs, red braised pork ribs, roasted lamb chops…

She held the takeaway bags as she grinned at the waiter. “Recently, we have a pet dog in our office. It loves to eat ribs.”

There were two big bags, and her shoulders were drooping down due to the weight.

“Haha!” The waiter nodded as he remarked. “Pets nowadays are really living the good life.”

Xuxu chuckled. “I agree. The dog in our office lives like a prince, and it’s very picky about everything including eating, sleeping, and pooping.”

The waiter replied enviously, “How blissful it must be.”

Young Master Yan walked to the coffee table and looked at the table of dishes placed by Xuxu. He furrowed his eyebrows.

“Wen Xuxu, what are you doing?” He pointed at the dishes of ribs, trying to quash his anger as he questioned Wen Xuxu.

Xuxu looked at him with an innocent expression. “President, please tuck in.”

Of course, he knew that it was lunchtime. But that stupid woman had taken the initiative to buy a variety of ribs, and she was still trying to feign ignorance. He could tell that she had something up her sleeve.

Young Master Yan contemplated as he spoke coldly, “Why didn’t you ask me before buying lunch?”

“President Yan, I realized that you’ve been looking unwell recently. So I took the liberty of buying more meat and ribs to nourish your body.” Xuxu lowered her head and pressed her lips together as she pretended to look timid. “If I asked for your permission, you would be picky about the food.”

So she was concerned about his health.

Yan Rusheng heard her explanation and his anger instantly dissipated.

He saw how Xuxu looked nervous, and his heart softened with happiness and satisfaction.