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“Let’s eat,” he said gently.

After saying so, he bent to sit down. He picked up the sweet and sour pork ribs with his chopsticks and began chewing gracefully.

Wen Xuxu had a devious and sly gleam in her eyes.

She gnashed her teeth as she repeated in her head. ‘Little dog, little dog, hurry up and chew the bones.’

She remained standing, causing Yan Rusheng to raise his head and ask, “Wen Xuxu, why aren’t you eating?”

Xuxu smiled and declined him with a random excuse, “I’m on a diet.”

This food is especially for the dog living a privileged lifestyle. How could she eat it?

“Ha! You’re on a diet?” Yan Rusheng ridiculed her as his eyes moved to her chest. “If you lose any more weight, it’ll be impossible to differentiate your front from your back.”

This stupid woman is really dumb. She’s already as skinny as a stick, and she still wants to go on a diet?

Xuxu gritted her teeth in anger. To him, she’d always been an eyesore, wasn’t she?

Her figure, character, demeanor… and then everything else. Fang Jiayin was always the best and the most perfect in his eyes.

So why am I so angry right now?

When she thought of this, the anger in her eyes instantly dissolved. She spoke impassively, “I’ll leave first. Let me know once you’re finished, President Yan.”

She turned around, ready to leave.

Yan Rusheng called her suddenly, “Wen Xuxu.”

She stopped in her tracks and glanced sideways at him. “President Yan, is there anything else?”

“You’ve bought so much. Isn’t it a waste if you don’t eat?” Yan Rusheng pointed at the feast and ordered her stonily, “Come over and finish everything.”

Stupid woman, when can she stop making him worry about her? If she’s thinking of skipping meals to go on a diet, she’s really courting death.

Xuxu became anxious. “You’re forcing me to eat when I don’t feel like eating.”

He was interfering with an employee who wasn’t eating lunch. Wasn’t this a blatant attempt to make her life difficult?

Yan Rusheng mouth twitched coldly. “Your fragile body might faint from hunger. If you’re hospitalized, who will you end up inconveniencing?”

“You…” Xuxu bit her lips, and her eyes were stinging a little from bitterness.

‘Yan Rusheng, do you have to spew malicious words towards me every time?’

‘Can’t you co-exist with me just for a few days?’

“Aren’t you coming over?” Yan Rusheng rushed her impatiently.

“Alright.” Xuxu nodded and suppressed her negative emotions. Her voice was slightly hoarse.

She retraced her steps and sat on the sofa. She began drinking the soup with huge gulps.

Young Master Yan began to feel relaxed when she started eating. He had no idea why he enjoyed watching her eat.

He thought that… it was adorable.

It was enjoyable to watch her; a feeling he’d never had when it came to Fang Jiayin.

No one had told Young Master Yan that if you truly loved someone, you’d be able to accept everything about her.

He saw that she had almost finished the soup and his face fell. “Wen Xuxu, if you finish the soup, then what am I going to drink?”

He finished his sentence and attempted to snatch the bowl from her.

“Yan Rusheng, you were the one wanted me to eat to prevent wastage! Isn’t it better if I finish everything?” Xuxu exploded and put the bowl back on the table angrily. She wiped her mouth without a care and stared at Yan Rusheng fiercely.

Actually, he knew that she didn’t feel like eating and had purposely forced her to eat.

Usually, he never said a word when there was a feast of delicacies before him.

Alas, he had suddenly decided to be thrifty today.

It was all her fault for deciding to return. She knew that he’d treat her this way and she could have rejected Grandmother’s request.

Her sudden explosion of fury left Young Master Yan speechless and more than a little helpless. He hesitated for a while before he stammered, “I-I just wanted you to leave some soup for me, why are you throwing a tantrum?”