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He said it with a grumbling tone that was unjustified and straight to the point.

When she was a child, she had pointed at him and told him that he didn’t have any guts. He had looked down and cried like a child, feeling very wronged.

Like a punching bag.

Ever since that incident, this was the first time he’d shown any weakness in front of her. He wouldn’t yell at her even when she shouted at him.

She caved in and said gently, “There’s still some soup left. Please take your time to drink it, President Yan. I’ve had my fill.”

She pushed the bowl of soup towards Yan Rusheng.

She got up and walked towards the door.

Yan Rusheng stared at her petite back. He’d seen her from this view countless times.

But this time, he felt a sense of distance from her.

After the door opened and closed, that petite figure disappeared. He slowly withdrew his gaze and sighed deeply in his heart, trying to remove thoughts of her from his mind.

She had waited for Jiang Zhuoheng all this time, while he only had Fang Jiayin in his heart.

He thought that after spending so much time with her, perhaps he’d started forming a false sense of dependency and that it was just something that he’d gotten used to.

Perhaps, if they no longer maintained contact or stopped seeing each other, this feeling would naturally change.

Wen Xuxu only received the news this afternoon that Wen Xinyi had returned to the company as the deputy director of the public relations department.

She held a glass of water and leaned back lazily against a chair, gazing at Wen Xinyi’s original seat.

Since Wen Xinyi’s returning to the company, why didn’t she continue being President Yan Rusheng’s secretary? Why did she choose to work in the public relations department instead?

Could it be true that the old lady has another person in mind for the position of President Yan Rusheng’s secretary?

Sigh. I can’t understand. I should ask the old lady when I see her tonight.

Xuxu retracted her thoughts. She sat up straight and put down her cup before getting back to work.

When it was time to leave work, Wen Xuxu packed up, carried her handbag, and left her seat. She walked towards Yan Rusheng’s office and hesitated for a while, but decided not to knock on his door in the end.

She left without saying goodbye to him.

It was already summertime, and the period of daylight was getting longer. At five o’clock in the evening, the sun was still shining brightly.

She left Flourish & Prosper and walked towards the bus stop.

“Wen Xuxu.”

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice calling her from behind.

Wen Xuxu stopped in her steps and turned around, smiling slightly.

Wen Xinyi wore a pink mid-sleeved dress and carried a pink Hermes bag in her hand. She also wore a pair of Chanel pumps on her feet. From her clothes, one could sense that she was from a wealthy family.

With a cold look, she walked towards Xuxu menacingly.

Looking unconcerned, Xuxu stared as Wen Xinyi walked towards her with hate-filled eyes.

“Wen Xuxu, Yan Rusheng will not marry you. Grandmother Yan has already agreed to our marriage,” Wen Xinyi declared arrogantly.

Her grandfather had said that once this woman was removed from Yan Rusheng’s side, only then would Wen Xinyi be able to rise up the ranks.

This was because she was currently just a spare tire in the eyes of Yan Rusheng’s grandmother.

Her grandfather had put it very bluntly to her, and at first, she couldn’t accept it. But after weighing the merits, she was willing to temporarily be a spare tire if she could get her hands on an outstanding man like Yan Rusheng.

Someday, she would be able to rise up the ranks.

With a calm look in her eyes, Wen Xuxu smiled gently and said, “Congratulations.”

Her response left Wen Xinyi visibly startled. She had thought that Wen Xuxu would feel sad and jealous and didn’t expect her to react so calmly.

Was she overconfident or simply nonchalant?