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She should have made her decision clear right from the start so her grandmother wouldn’t get her hopes up. She felt especially guilty about this.

Xuxu mulled over this and spoke softly, “Grandmother, I heard that Wen Xinyi started working in the public relations department today. So do you have anyone in mind to take over the position as President Yan’s secretary?”

Upon hearing this, Wang Daqin was surprised. “Xuxu, don’t you understand my intentions?”

Given Wen Xuxu’s intelligence, Wang Daqin assumed that her own actions had already been very obvious.

Xuxu smiled and said, “If things could work out between us, I wouldn’t have waited until today.”

She held on tightly to her grandmother’s hands. With a hint of sadness and regret in her voice, “Grandmother, rest assured. Even if we’re no longer staying together in the future, you are still my dearest grandmother.”

This fact would never change.

Those words pierced through the elderly lady’s heart. ‘If things could work out between us, I wouldn’t have waited until today.’

Right from the beginning, she had been well aware of this and had also given it serious thought. But she refused to give up. Somehow, she felt that they were meant for each other and Xuxu was destined to remain with their family.

“Xuxu, you and Xiaosheng…”

Xuxu knew what the old lady wanted to say and she interrupted her with a smile, “Grandmother, I think you’ve misunderstood. All this time, we’ve only maintained a working relationship between us.”

She knitted her eyebrows and continued jokingly, “Our personalities are incompatible, and we argue too much. I don’t suppose you want to see us ending the relationship on a bad note in the future right?”

Although her tone was relaxed and normal, the old lady could tell that she was firmly determined.

Furthermore, Wen Xuxu’s words had rendered her speechless.

Indeed, they were both so full of themselves.

But she still hadn’t given up hope, “Didn’t you two…”

Without elaborating further, she pointed at Xuxu’s mouth. It was obvious what she was referring to.

If they didn’t have feelings for each other, they wouldn’t have kissed. And both times, they were caught red-handed. How do you explain that then?

Xuxu wasn’t aware that Aunt Zhang saw her kissing Yan Rusheng that time when she was drunk. But she was aware of the other incident in the hotel, which was witnessed by Wen Xinyi.

Feeling wronged, she explained to the old lady, “He doesn’t like Wen Xinyi, so he used me to drive her away. Now, Miss Wen hates me to the core, and I’m quite upset at being caught in the crossfire.”

Wen Xinyi left crying after witnessing the incident at the hotel. Surely, she must have gone home to tell her family.

Judging by his character, surely Ming Ansheng’s grandfather would have spoken to Grandmother about it?

She understood Yan Rusheng too well. He had finally driven Wen Xinyi away, and he definitely wouldn’t let her return to the President’s office. On the contrary, Grandfather Ming was a very boastful person. There must have been a great deal of publicity when his granddaughter joined Flourish & Prosper. He must have also publicized the marriage with the Yan family.

But his granddaughter had joined Flourish & Prosper for only a week and left. No matter who was the cause, he must have felt embarrassed.

If her guess was correct, letting Wen Xinyi join the PR department was a joint decision between the old lady, Yan Rusheng, and Grandfather Ming.

At the PR department, she was given a decent position. This saved her some face. Even if the marriage between the two families didn’t work out, they could just put the blame on Yan Rusheng.

However, no one was sure if the vulnerable-looking Miss Wen would be able to control her emotions and not fall deeper for Yan Rusheng.