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If Grandfather were to suddenly pass away, what would happen to her?

She wouldn’t have any blood-related family members in this world anymore.

Though she was well aware that this fateful day would come sooner or later…

“Wen Xuxu, then…” Suddenly, Yan Rusheng started to talk and then paused.

A tearful Xuxu looked at him with a puzzled expression.

Let’s be together…

When these words almost reached his mouth, he suddenly became sober. With or without Jiang Zhuoheng by her side, she wouldn’t even consider him. So how was it possible for them to be together?

He was feeling vexed and then corrected himself. “Why don’t you think on the bright side? Haven’t you always been a lively person?”

He looked uncomfortable and awkward.

It was so rare for this young master to offer words of consolation to someone.

Xuxu smiled and wiped off her tears. Still choking with emotions, she said, “Drive faster. To Harmony hospital.”

For the rest of the journey, neither of them spoke again.

Even though he was worried about Old Master Wen’s condition, throughout the journey, Yan Rusheng was feeling joyful deep in his heart.

This was because Xuxu was seated at the front passenger seat. While they shared the same car frequently, yet this was such a rare occasion… he as the driver while she was the passenger. He didn’t think it had ever happened before.

Every time she rode in his car, she would open the back door right away.

When they arrived at the hospital, Old Master Wen was still undergoing surgery. Qi Lei was anxiously pacing up and down the surgical suite.

When Xuxu caught sight of him, she quickened her pace and asked anxiously,” Qi Lei, how is my grandfather?”

Qi Lei heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. He looked worriedly at the surgical suite and said, “I don’t know. The doctor hasn’t come out yet.”

He still looked very pale. Knowing that he must be badly shaken, Xuxu reached out and lightly patted him on his back to console him. “Don’t be scared, Qi Lei. Grandfather will be alright.”

“Sister Xuxu, I didn’t take good care of grandfather.” He held onto Xuxu’s hand and started blaming himself. “If only I had followed your instructions and stopped him from drinking alcohol, he wouldn’t have fallen down.”

“It’s not your fault. Sometimes, even I can’t hold him back. So stop blaming yourself.” Xuxu looked at Qi Lei and smiled gently.

It was all thanks to Qi Lei for staying by grandfather’s side these two years, taking good care of him on her behalf.

They were just like ‘siblings’ who were comforting each other fondly.

Totally unaware that a pair of malicious-looking eyes were staring at them as they held onto each other.

This rascal! You can go ahead and blame yourself but is there a need to hold her hands?

And still refusing to let go.

Master Yan had the urge to give Qi Lei a quick slap. He clenched his fist tightly and punched his own legs, trying his best to restrain himself.

At this moment, the doors of the surgical suite opened suddenly. A doctor in a white robe walked out.

Xuxu quickly rushed forward, “Doctor, how’s my grandfather?”

The doctor removed his mask while saying, “Oh man! The stench of the alcohol nearly intoxicated me!”

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

How much alcohol did that old man drink?

“He has a slight fracture on his right calf and a crack in the bone of his right arm. He also has a slight concussion to his brain.” The doctor explained the old man’s condition to Xuxu. “Sigh. Given his age, if it weren’t for his sturdy body, the pain would be too much to bear.”

After hearing from the doctor that her grandfather was out of danger, Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief.

But at the thought of it, just how painful could this bone fracture be?